Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a catch up.........

Hello I'm babysitting Joshua today and he's sleeping right now so I thought I would write a little blog while I wait for him to wake up. I should do the dishes from lunch. But I really don't feel like it plus I have been extremely lazy writing on here lately and I wanted to while I could. Emily is home from school today, woke up complaining of a tummy ache and I thought she was really sick. I think I got duped though because she is now seeming fine, which I would rather it be that then her actually being sick but I told her unless she has a fever she IS GOING to school tomorrow--- no question about it!!! I just checked on Emily though and she was cute because she had turned off the light and shut the blind and said she was going to take a nap. I'll believe that when I see it but I still think it is kind of cute. :) Anyway, I have been doing really good with the treadmill. I have done it now for almost a month. For about a week I've done atleast an hour on it. For me that is really awesome. I don't if I've lost any weight or not because I have NOT been checking my weight. Which is probably for the best. But I do feel better and proud of myself too. We also finally started out fundraising for the March of Dimes walk. It's on the 26th of April this year and we are really late with it this year so I'm hoping for the best but not sure we will beat last years amt. I always like it when we beat our previous best! Oh and by the way.. still completely addicted to facebook! :)

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