Saturday, April 18, 2009

Emily Update...

Hi.. well today was a beautiful day. It hit 80 degrees outside and sunny. Emily is in a tumbling class, her first official class was on Thursday. She really liked it, but she was so exhausted afterwards. She did somersaults, log rolls, and an obstacle course. She had a lot of fun. I'm a little afraid when she does the somersaults wrong that she is going to hurt her neck. ( some of them just don't look right) OUCH... but she didn't seem to care and Ms. Brianna (her teacher) did try and show them the right way to do them. Also Emily has a NEW PASSION.... The movie, "The Sound Of Music" it's not that she hadn't seen it before or even that she didn't like it before but she has become a bit obsessed with it lately. She is really into making Theme songs for EVERYTHING. She thinks the world would be a better place if everything in it, had a theme song. Maybe she's right. Ofcourse--- she prefers to be the primary singer and if others( like Mommy and Daddy) sing it's not as good and she covers her ears. SO anyway, like I was saying Emily is really into the movie and so she made up a theme song for it. It's actually pretty good. It incorporates the DO, RA, ME, FA,SO, LA TE, DO which is one of her favorite scenes. You know when Maria (the governess) teaches the children how to sing. EMiLY loves that scene and she watches it over and over and belts out the song along with the MOVIE. It's actually really cute. Anyway.... I told her I would make a video of her singing the theme song and I would put it up on my blog. SO as soon as I can figure out where the cord is to connect it to the computer--- I'll put it on here. ALso EMily just came in and said,"Don't forget to tell them about Kurt" Which is because Emily LOVES all the children in the movie. Especially Kurt------ because he is the cutest of course. Anyway that is what our little Emily has been up to lately, that and she can't wait til Summer is here. I think she is ready for summer vacation... :)

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