Friday, May 25, 2012

Emily's 5th grade SOCIAL!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Follow up.. & a weekend update.

Hi friends.. how are you guys doing??? Hopefully you all were in NJ this weekend, cause it was beautiful. Emily & I had a fun weekend. Brian's been away on business & It's been a lonely couple of weeks for me.. so glad Em & I have each other. She ofcourse misses her daddy too. But I've been pretty productive while he's been away.. & am finally almost finished my garden.. all the veggies are in except for a few tomato plants.. BUT so far.. I've got 25 plants of corn, 2 pepper plants.. 10 cucumber plants, 2 tomato plants & 8 plants of green beans.. yum... hopefully fingers crossed we get some actual HARVEST this year! :) Anyway, went over my aunts house today with Emily.. she likes playing with their 2 dogs & I helped my aunt by cleaning the deck. She is hosting an annual memorial day BBQ next weekend & I always pitch in & help her get ready for it. :) I don't mind at all... we have a fun time together, even when cleaning off grimy dirt from the We must really enjoy each other's company... haha.. Anyway, what else?? Oh... Emily & I went to Joshy's baseball game on Thursday---I've been promising him I'd go to one of them and finally made it, (his last) got it in under the wire.. lol. :) Anyway...really getting tired so probably will end soon. BUT as you are all probably aware.. Joshua went home on American Idol..Which bummed me out a little but I'm so totally rooting for Phillip now!!!! YAY!!! I really enjoy his music & to be honest I probably like it better than I liked Joshua's TYPE of music but Joshua just had such stage presence & I really enjoyed watching him... but I LOVE Phillip too.. and he's such a cutie!!!! :) I hope he wins.. nothing against Jessica.. her voice is beautiful for what it is.. but I'm not fond of that ballad type of singing :) Anyway... so tired..Been a pretty physical weekend.. so I think I"ll go now.. Goodnight.. :) Love u guys. xoxo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"I had THE BEST day with you... TODAY!"

Wanted to take a few minutes to hop on here & share the fun day I had with you all. :) Emily had her 5th Grade class field trip... I volunteered to be a chaperone! It was a fun day... Emily had so much fun, it was a tour bus ride around Philadelphia. The two girls in our group were such sweet girls and they really seemed to like Emily... It was nice seeing kids be sweet to one another! :) I took lots of pictures which I'll post at another time but I just am feeling really happy about today... Unlike other field trips this one just felt very relaxed & I was able to be in the moment. Which I'm so grateful for! I took it all in, the fact that I was there with my daughter... and it was lovely. The tour lasted about 2 1/2 hours & we stopped at the Art Museum & ran the steps & over looked the river there!! The weather was beautiful & I just feel very grateful. :)

Also Emily & I watched American Idol.. which was great!! The last song by Phillip blew me away.. :) SO GOOD! I hope that Joshua wins but I will buy Phillips CD in a heart beat! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My take..

Hi... Again saw something on facebook that someone posted that has me so pissed off.. but to tell you the truth I don't want to comment on it there cause I don't want the war that follows..... I say something, they say something.. it's ridiculous, and quite honestly my skin is to thin for that crap. I don't enjoy doing that crap especially with people who i don't care what their opinions are.. wish they would shut the fuck up and know for sure they shouldn't have the power to make me feel sad, or bad or frustrated.. which has happened in the past. So instead have decided to put my opinions on here so that they are out there but without the drama.... so to speak. So here you go..

Barack Obama supporting Gay Marriage... I on a personal level, am very proud of my president. For anyone who says this was a political move they are insane.. if anything this will hurt him politically not help him.. and actually that speaks volumes to me about the man this president is. He finally admitted something that he should have a long time ago EVEN if it hurts him politically. I have a problem with people who say marriage should only be between a man and a woman & who claim this isn't a CIVIL rights issue. It is! IF people are in love & want to get married why shouldn't they.. this is the land of the FREE! They should be free to do that if they so choose. :) Anyway I could go on and on about this but that's the gist of it..

Romney being a bully to someone when he was in High School.... Well people might be surprised a little at my take on this one. I think it's awful that he was a bully to anyone & I think if he did that, he needs to apologize to that person whole-heartily for his on one.. & if he doesn't that shows you alot about the character of the man he is today because that person deserves that from him. BUT as far as me judging Mitt Romney on that action from 40+years ago, I'm not going to, because I think who didn't do shit in high school that was completely stupid & hurtful... If I was judged by what I did in High School I would be mortified.. and no I wasn't a bully BUT I was a kid who made very poor choices! He was a kid, & with all the hormones and insecurity that comes with that age. Let me say this too I'm so glad schools are taking more action today than they did years ago to try and STOP bullying.. because I can say this about Mitt Romney but I'm not the person he did it to, and if I was my opinion on this might be completely different. But I'm not so I'm not going to judge Mitt Romney on this action from back then, personally I much more care about who he is today, What kinds of choices/opinions/ positions does he hold... which DUH, in my opinion are NOT the right ones! For the record Mitt Romney was DEAD wrong for treating someone LIKE that. I just don't know anyone who doesn't regret something they did in High School. So I'll give him a bit of a pass on that one.. atleast as far as politics goes..putting politics aside I've never thought much of Mitt Romney as a person anyway..... he comes off like a rich, entitled, out of touch SOB to me!! This ofcourse is just my opinion.. you are entitled to your own ofcourse. :) Missy

MY newest Obsession.. ID channel

Actually I'm not sure how NEW this obsession is because it's been awhile since I discovered this channel.. but OMG.. I can't stop watching it. I don't know why? I'm not sure what that says about me, I must find murder & mayhem fascinating, cause that is all this channel is about!!!! But every day it seems whenever, I can't find anything else to watch I always end up on channel 111... ID which stands for Investigation Discovery.. I think. Sometimes if I don't stop myself I'll watch episode after episode.. It is fascinating and disturbing- I get a little pissed when they re-play the same episodes over and over and then I'm forced to find something else to do... haha. I guess I wasn't paranoid enough with life- YEAH RIGHT! NOW i need to know how many freaks are out there.. just sayin' but I've always kind of had a fascination with this stuff.. I remember every day after school growing up, at 4 pm Quincy came on. I loved that show.. perhaps some psychologist would explain to me one day this is WHY you are soooo paranoid but I did watch it everyday. Anyway, the channel has original programs like... "Fatal Encounters..." that name is S C A R Y right!! & programs like "Behind mansion walls..." about rich psychos! It also has shows like 48 hours & Dateline on ID! (which is just episodes of Dateline & 48 hours replayed on ID) Anyway.... If you like shows like this you should give this channel a try... just don't become a psychopath because of it.. apparently we really do have enough of them already!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Just watched the latest episode of "real housewives of OC" i enjoyed the episode. I must admit I enjoy Heather.. she's kind of funny! "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR" haha.. I didn't think I would like her but she's got this endearing quality about her. I totally agree with Brianna that Brooks seems weird but having been raised by a single mom & NEVER EVER approving of any one my mom ever dated. can see a lot of my self in her. But hope she isn't pushing Brooks away for that reason because I learned the lesson too late that at the end of the day I just wanted my mom to be happy, & having someone in her life would have made my own mother happy, but having said that.. I really don't think that is the case here, I think she doesn't think he's right for her mom, and I agree that something seems off about him. I call BULLSHIT on a lot of what he says.. but then again who knows.. I'll be curious as to where that relationship goes. Anyway.. Emily & I watched the finale of the VOICE tonight & the result show for Dancing with the Stars.. That girl is really getting into TV shows... it's nice to watch them with her, we really have a nice time watching them together. Anyway.. Roshon & Melissa both went home tonight on Dancing with the Stars-- I have to say those were the right two. I feel bad for Max because he hasn't won the mirror ball yet.. I hope he's matched up with someone next year who really has a chance... cause he's been on that show for lots of seasons & If I were him I might be thinking perhaps it's me. I don't think that, I'm just trying to say it might begin to feel discouraging for him. I really wanted to root for Melissa Gilbert after all I grew up on Little House but she just danced really awkwardly... I do think she improved this week but it was a little too late.. & there really are so many good dancers this year.. I feel like any of the last 4 could win. William, Donald, Maria or Katherine.. they are all excellent! I don't know who I really favor.. I like Katherine alot because she seems really sweet and says "naughty bits" which cracks me up.. so I probably am rooting for her plus I think she is now the under dog and I like rooting for the under dog. :) Ok now that I have made myself seem like a TV junky I guess I'll go to bed. haha.. Goodnight! Missy

Mom: A poem for you!


IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY MOTHER....Gone way too early at age 51.. I miss you so much! I love you always & forever!

Margaret Bory

born Nov. 19,1949
died May 9, 2001

No time to celebrate the miracle
No time to become good friends
NO time to say enough
NO time to make amends

Your life was over in a moment
Even though it took several years
Fighting it was exhausting
Trying to hide the tears


In just a different way
A spirit and connection
Thought of each and everyday

By Missy

Friday, May 4, 2012

What the hell.. why not.. show me the MONEY! lol.

I've been trying to focus a little more on this blog... I signed up for it's a great website where a bunch of mom-bloggers join & share their blogs.   I find it funny that I've had my blog since 2007 & never really thought about "marketing" it. I still don't think about it that way after all I don't make anything, I didn't & still don't know if I have anything to say anyone else would even CARE to read....  For me my blog is personal I started it cause I wanted to share things with my daughter, the things that I wish my mom could have shared more of with me.  She died young @ 51 & we moved around alot when I was little, we struggled a lot, my mom worked really hard raising us as a single mom.  In ways, my life is easier than my mothers, in other ways I'm still a mom, and that's the hardest job ever. The biggest difference is my mom's life was much more busy, and busy with things she didn't want to be doing like working just to put food on the table.. I don't think she ever had a moment to think about making memories or appreciating the little things.. her life wasn't really conducive to do that... she worked nights, which meant she slept alot during the day.  We didn't talk nearly as much as Emily & I do, but I still loved her with all my heart! I just wish she would have shared more, you realize the things that matter often too late so that is why I share so much on here, at time maybe too much, it's just I don't want to regret not telling Emily just how much I loved her, or how much she mattered to me, so that's why I do this blog,  I share a lot on this blog & most of it is so if my daughter one day wanted memories, she'd have them especially God forbid you know.  I think now is a good time to say thank you to my husband.. who works really hard for us, I'm lucky to have a husband who supports his family so much, he has a great job and we together decided I should stay home with Emily.. at times I've had to go to work outside the home but for the most part I've been able to be a full-time stay at home mom to Emily. So thank you Brian.. you really are an incredible husband & father.. I know I don't say it enough.  But I love you & appreciate all that you do so that I can be here for Emily. Okay enough with the mushy stuff.. back to the money making..hah! Anyway, SO I really never thought about trying to make money off my blog....I mean with any real effort.   But the more I thought about it.. the more I thought well why not?? Emily is starting to enter Middle School.. in a few years she'll be in High School then College.  College??? How the hell are we going to pay for that?? We are trying to get out of our debt & work on it.. but why not have this blog help me help Emily even if it's just enough for her food card! Haha.. I know I'm not going to get rich off this, and that isn't the point. Hell I've had advertisements on my blog for a few years & I think I've made $7.00 (which they won't even give to you until you make like $100.00) so yeah I don't have HIGH hopes of becoming a millionaire or anything but I thought well why not?? I wonder what could happen IF I actually put a little effort in, could I maybe make a little for Emily for college. After all we only have about 7 years so & I thought well why not?? I don't know how someone reading this will take what I'm saying, I guess I don't really care, I'm sure people try making money off their blogs for a variety of reasons.. for me, I thought what the hell, what's more of an important reason than trying to help your daughter pay for college. So I finally decided, why not? what do I have to lose, after all College is expensive & I never was able to afford to go but I PROMISE you, my daughter will!  SO anyway.. that is why you see the advertisements on the side of my blog, If any of them seem interesting to you.. go ahead and click on them. This is how I can make money from my blog--- I'm still learning so if any other bloggers out there have any legit ways to make money off a blog, then please let me know.  :) thanks for reading.. Missy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just things..

Well decided to write a quick post, sometimes when something has me down.. I want to write not necessarily about what it is that has me feeling this way but just so I can try and re-focus my mind on something else.  So many things have me feeling a little blue at the moment, 1 of them is my father in law was suppose to visit us this weekend.  We haven't seen him in quite sometime.. so we were all pretty excited about finally seeing him again! Emily was very excited about seeing her Grandpa.  See, he moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and aside from one short visit when he came to NJ we haven't seen him since but un-fortunately something beyond his control made him have to cancel his trip. SO that sucks.... I told Brian he really should try by all means to see him soon... he's had some health issues over the last years, and I know Brian really wants to visit with him ( as do all of us.. but financially it might not be possible for all of us to go). :( SO that's just one of the things making me feel down. I don't really feel like going into all of them so I'll just leave it at that.  We have Emily's IEP meeting on Thursday... they always make me a little anxious, just cause I want everyone to be on the same page.  This is a hard one too because we have a new case manager because Emily is going into middle school. Which is so mind boggling to me, I can't believe it.. MIDDLE SCHOOL??? When did this happen, seriously, she's just my little girl. I guess I better get used to her growing up.. it doesn't seem to be slowing down any.  Emily has three field trips coming up.. two in May & one in June.  I volunteered for all of them.... Emily wanted me too.. and I did too!  I just hope I'm not responsible for too many kids.. cause that can be really stressful.  Trying to keep an eye on so many, especially when ur a nervous nelly like me.  But I've chaperoned many a field trip and haven't lost any kids yet so I'm sure it will be fine. but just in case keep ur fingers crossed for me,  would you?. Can't :) Anyway, feeling a little tired so I think I'll end here & since this is the first day of May.. I hope everyone who reads this has a happy May!  Missy