Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just things..

Well decided to write a quick post, sometimes when something has me down.. I want to write not necessarily about what it is that has me feeling this way but just so I can try and re-focus my mind on something else.  So many things have me feeling a little blue at the moment, 1 of them is my father in law was suppose to visit us this weekend.  We haven't seen him in quite sometime.. so we were all pretty excited about finally seeing him again! Emily was very excited about seeing her Grandpa.  See, he moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and aside from one short visit when he came to NJ we haven't seen him since but un-fortunately something beyond his control made him have to cancel his trip. SO that sucks.... I told Brian he really should try by all means to see him soon... he's had some health issues over the last years, and I know Brian really wants to visit with him ( as do all of us.. but financially it might not be possible for all of us to go). :( SO that's just one of the things making me feel down. I don't really feel like going into all of them so I'll just leave it at that.  We have Emily's IEP meeting on Thursday... they always make me a little anxious, just cause I want everyone to be on the same page.  This is a hard one too because we have a new case manager because Emily is going into middle school. Which is so mind boggling to me, I can't believe it.. MIDDLE SCHOOL??? When did this happen, seriously, she's just my little girl. I guess I better get used to her growing up.. it doesn't seem to be slowing down any.  Emily has three field trips coming up.. two in May & one in June.  I volunteered for all of them.... Emily wanted me too.. and I did too!  I just hope I'm not responsible for too many kids.. cause that can be really stressful.  Trying to keep an eye on so many, especially when ur a nervous nelly like me.  But I've chaperoned many a field trip and haven't lost any kids yet so I'm sure it will be fine. but just in case keep ur fingers crossed for me,  would you?. Can't hurt..lol. :) Anyway, feeling a little tired so I think I'll end here & since this is the first day of May.. I hope everyone who reads this has a happy May!  Missy


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