Sunday, May 20, 2012

Follow up.. & a weekend update.

Hi friends.. how are you guys doing??? Hopefully you all were in NJ this weekend, cause it was beautiful. Emily & I had a fun weekend. Brian's been away on business & It's been a lonely couple of weeks for me.. so glad Em & I have each other. She ofcourse misses her daddy too. But I've been pretty productive while he's been away.. & am finally almost finished my garden.. all the veggies are in except for a few tomato plants.. BUT so far.. I've got 25 plants of corn, 2 pepper plants.. 10 cucumber plants, 2 tomato plants & 8 plants of green beans.. yum... hopefully fingers crossed we get some actual HARVEST this year! :) Anyway, went over my aunts house today with Emily.. she likes playing with their 2 dogs & I helped my aunt by cleaning the deck. She is hosting an annual memorial day BBQ next weekend & I always pitch in & help her get ready for it. :) I don't mind at all... we have a fun time together, even when cleaning off grimy dirt from the We must really enjoy each other's company... haha.. Anyway, what else?? Oh... Emily & I went to Joshy's baseball game on Thursday---I've been promising him I'd go to one of them and finally made it, (his last) got it in under the wire.. lol. :) Anyway...really getting tired so probably will end soon. BUT as you are all probably aware.. Joshua went home on American Idol..Which bummed me out a little but I'm so totally rooting for Phillip now!!!! YAY!!! I really enjoy his music & to be honest I probably like it better than I liked Joshua's TYPE of music but Joshua just had such stage presence & I really enjoyed watching him... but I LOVE Phillip too.. and he's such a cutie!!!! :) I hope he wins.. nothing against Jessica.. her voice is beautiful for what it is.. but I'm not fond of that ballad type of singing :) Anyway... so tired..Been a pretty physical weekend.. so I think I"ll go now.. Goodnight.. :) Love u guys. xoxo

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