Thursday, May 10, 2012

MY newest Obsession.. ID channel

Actually I'm not sure how NEW this obsession is because it's been awhile since I discovered this channel.. but OMG.. I can't stop watching it. I don't know why? I'm not sure what that says about me, I must find murder & mayhem fascinating, cause that is all this channel is about!!!! But every day it seems whenever, I can't find anything else to watch I always end up on channel 111... ID which stands for Investigation Discovery.. I think. Sometimes if I don't stop myself I'll watch episode after episode.. It is fascinating and disturbing- I get a little pissed when they re-play the same episodes over and over and then I'm forced to find something else to do... haha. I guess I wasn't paranoid enough with life- YEAH RIGHT! NOW i need to know how many freaks are out there.. just sayin' but I've always kind of had a fascination with this stuff.. I remember every day after school growing up, at 4 pm Quincy came on. I loved that show.. perhaps some psychologist would explain to me one day this is WHY you are soooo paranoid but I did watch it everyday. Anyway, the channel has original programs like... "Fatal Encounters..." that name is S C A R Y right!! & programs like "Behind mansion walls..." about rich psychos! It also has shows like 48 hours & Dateline on ID! (which is just episodes of Dateline & 48 hours replayed on ID) Anyway.... If you like shows like this you should give this channel a try... just don't become a psychopath because of it.. apparently we really do have enough of them already!

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