Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Just watched the latest episode of "real housewives of OC" i enjoyed the episode. I must admit I enjoy Heather.. she's kind of funny! "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR" haha.. I didn't think I would like her but she's got this endearing quality about her. I totally agree with Brianna that Brooks seems weird but having been raised by a single mom & NEVER EVER approving of any one my mom ever dated. can see a lot of my self in her. But hope she isn't pushing Brooks away for that reason because I learned the lesson too late that at the end of the day I just wanted my mom to be happy, & having someone in her life would have made my own mother happy, but having said that.. I really don't think that is the case here, I think she doesn't think he's right for her mom, and I agree that something seems off about him. I call BULLSHIT on a lot of what he says.. but then again who knows.. I'll be curious as to where that relationship goes. Anyway.. Emily & I watched the finale of the VOICE tonight & the result show for Dancing with the Stars.. That girl is really getting into TV shows... it's nice to watch them with her, we really have a nice time watching them together. Anyway.. Roshon & Melissa both went home tonight on Dancing with the Stars-- I have to say those were the right two. I feel bad for Max because he hasn't won the mirror ball yet.. I hope he's matched up with someone next year who really has a chance... cause he's been on that show for lots of seasons & If I were him I might be thinking perhaps it's me. I don't think that, I'm just trying to say it might begin to feel discouraging for him. I really wanted to root for Melissa Gilbert after all I grew up on Little House but she just danced really awkwardly... I do think she improved this week but it was a little too late.. & there really are so many good dancers this year.. I feel like any of the last 4 could win. William, Donald, Maria or Katherine.. they are all excellent! I don't know who I really favor.. I like Katherine alot because she seems really sweet and says "naughty bits" which cracks me up.. so I probably am rooting for her plus I think she is now the under dog and I like rooting for the under dog. :) Ok now that I have made myself seem like a TV junky I guess I'll go to bed. haha.. Goodnight! Missy

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