Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"I had THE BEST day with you... TODAY!"

Wanted to take a few minutes to hop on here & share the fun day I had with you all. :) Emily had her 5th Grade class field trip... I volunteered to be a chaperone! It was a fun day... Emily had so much fun, it was a tour bus ride around Philadelphia. The two girls in our group were such sweet girls and they really seemed to like Emily... It was nice seeing kids be sweet to one another! :) I took lots of pictures which I'll post at another time but I just am feeling really happy about today... Unlike other field trips this one just felt very relaxed & I was able to be in the moment. Which I'm so grateful for! I took it all in, the fact that I was there with my daughter... and it was lovely. The tour lasted about 2 1/2 hours & we stopped at the Art Museum & ran the steps & over looked the river there!! The weather was beautiful & I just feel very grateful. :)

Also Emily & I watched American Idol.. which was great!! The last song by Phillip blew me away.. :) SO GOOD! I hope that Joshua wins but I will buy Phillips CD in a heart beat! :)

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