Thursday, May 10, 2012

My take..

Hi... Again saw something on facebook that someone posted that has me so pissed off.. but to tell you the truth I don't want to comment on it there cause I don't want the war that follows..... I say something, they say something.. it's ridiculous, and quite honestly my skin is to thin for that crap. I don't enjoy doing that crap especially with people who i don't care what their opinions are.. wish they would shut the fuck up and know for sure they shouldn't have the power to make me feel sad, or bad or frustrated.. which has happened in the past. So instead have decided to put my opinions on here so that they are out there but without the drama.... so to speak. So here you go..

Barack Obama supporting Gay Marriage... I on a personal level, am very proud of my president. For anyone who says this was a political move they are insane.. if anything this will hurt him politically not help him.. and actually that speaks volumes to me about the man this president is. He finally admitted something that he should have a long time ago EVEN if it hurts him politically. I have a problem with people who say marriage should only be between a man and a woman & who claim this isn't a CIVIL rights issue. It is! IF people are in love & want to get married why shouldn't they.. this is the land of the FREE! They should be free to do that if they so choose. :) Anyway I could go on and on about this but that's the gist of it..

Romney being a bully to someone when he was in High School.... Well people might be surprised a little at my take on this one. I think it's awful that he was a bully to anyone & I think if he did that, he needs to apologize to that person whole-heartily for his on one.. & if he doesn't that shows you alot about the character of the man he is today because that person deserves that from him. BUT as far as me judging Mitt Romney on that action from 40+years ago, I'm not going to, because I think who didn't do shit in high school that was completely stupid & hurtful... If I was judged by what I did in High School I would be mortified.. and no I wasn't a bully BUT I was a kid who made very poor choices! He was a kid, & with all the hormones and insecurity that comes with that age. Let me say this too I'm so glad schools are taking more action today than they did years ago to try and STOP bullying.. because I can say this about Mitt Romney but I'm not the person he did it to, and if I was my opinion on this might be completely different. But I'm not so I'm not going to judge Mitt Romney on this action from back then, personally I much more care about who he is today, What kinds of choices/opinions/ positions does he hold... which DUH, in my opinion are NOT the right ones! For the record Mitt Romney was DEAD wrong for treating someone LIKE that. I just don't know anyone who doesn't regret something they did in High School. So I'll give him a bit of a pass on that one.. atleast as far as politics goes..putting politics aside I've never thought much of Mitt Romney as a person anyway..... he comes off like a rich, entitled, out of touch SOB to me!! This ofcourse is just my opinion.. you are entitled to your own ofcourse. :) Missy

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