Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Night "Crafts"


AND Mommy's..

Friday, February 27, 2009

The dump I call "HOME".

Okay so I exaggerate some but my house is a COMPLETE MESS. I have lost my driver's license AGAIN for the Umpteenth time and yesterday I was on a mission to find it-- I FAILED that mission. I tore up my whole house looking for it and I STILL DID NOT FIND IT. SO now I am left with having to go get a new one tomorrow and also having to clean my house! I should have just went and got a new one and saved myself all this grieve. Dan and I were going to go to the Casino's yesterday and I was sure I was going to HIT it big and that I would need my license to collect my millions.. HA HA! Anyway, we ended up not going, between working and searching for my license I was too tired and then wanted to spend the night with Emily since I was basically reverse cleaning since she got home. Anyway, I'm really not in the mood to clean and so I'm using this blog as a distraction from actually doing what I should be doing. CLEANING!!! Oh well,...... In about an hour, Emily will be home and I'll get to spend some time with her and that will actually be a distraction I LOVE. SO that's good--- if only I didn't have to look at the mess around me, I'd be in a much better mood. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Presidents first speech to the nation.

Hello well I just had to write something about that great speech that Mr. President gave last night. I thought it was an A+!! I think that he gave very straight forward responses of things we need to do as a government and an individual to help get us out of this mess. The one thing about Barack Obama is that he gives a lot of common sense answers to problems and I really like THAT. I've heard a lot of Republicans/oppositions ask how is he going to pay for all this. I think he explained... that you get out of this war (the right way) that's billions of dollars, you go line by line of the useless programs -in 30 days they have saved 2 trillion dollars and you create jobs. All of these are real common sense solutions. I find myself feeling very positive about the direction we are heading in, it's gonna be a long winding bumpy road but at least we ARE headed in the right direction FINALLY.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emily's Dinner Conversation..

Well today my beautiful daughter and I were having this very peaceful dinner, just the two of us. Fernando was outside playing Basketball and Brian was working late, SO anyway it was very peaceful... Emily was freshly bathed and looked so sweet in her footed pj's and her wet hair and then the little princess says....

"Right when I first got in the Tub, I FARTED this really big FART and it was STINKY TOO."

Okay, Well thanks for Sharing EMILY.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Boredom = Productivity

Hello, Well as I stated earlier... I was so bored today, however I did decide to get off my rump and at least DO something. First I started with Emily's closet-- which is always a mess and always emotional to clean out. It just reminds me of how big she is getting -- and having to let go of clothes she has outgrown. Also her closet held a lot of papers that she has wrote, books she has made and art projects and it's always real tough for me to let anything go. It all means so much to me. Anyway, I managed to organize it and even have a whole bag of trash and a small bag of clothes to get rid of. But it was tough. Then I decided to go ahead and clean my room. I am just about done but I'm at the stage where I don't feel like doing it anymore and still have a big pile on the bed to sort out. My goal was to finish it all and have the bed made by 4:30... It's already 4:05 and I'm not thinking it's gonna happen. We'll see... I also managed to get a few loads of laundry done and so at least my boredom did produce something. Although I'm a little pissed I spent my whole day off cleaning and now I'm wishing I had relaxed. You know I'm never happy. :)


Hello the title probably fills you in, I'M SO BORED!! I made my self some breakfast-- eggs and bacon, and ate that. Now I'm just sitting around not doing much, I could read-- but I'm not in the mood. I could clean-- but I'm not in the mood. I'm being a stick in the mud and I can't think of a single thing I want to do. It's my day off I should be happy, but I'm just blah blah blah... BORED! GOD, could I make this blog any more boring-- I'm gonna go before I depress myself any further.. :) missy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Price of Castration...

Okay, as I mentioned yesterday our kittens are officially ball-less this morning. I am writing another blog about this only because I have a funny post-op story. We had to separate the kittens from our other 2 cats and so the kittens are locked in the laundry room, my husband went in there to feed them, and they HISSED at him-BOTH of them Simultaneously. They were pissed!!! They have never done that before!! When Brian told me this I just LAUGHED! Oh what those kittens must think of him after all he's the one that took them, I'm so glad that I didn't go with him. He alone is the meanie!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

There should be a key that is shaped like a musical note

Well we went to outback tonight. I have that stupid commercial song in my head for outback..... "We're going outback tonight" And so I think there should be a key on this stupid keyboard that has the musical note on it so I could use it instead of having to explain this in 4 lines. Ofcourse, Mr. Smarty pants computer genius just told me that their is symbols in word but that I would have to cut and paste them. Oh well that's just too much work anyway. And officially this has taken 6 lines now. I really don't have much to write about. I watched Mad and Josh today, it was fun. They were both very good today and it was a fairly easy day. Mad really likes art, and her and I have that in common and so we did a little art project and I really enjoyed doing that with her. I have to work at the office tomorrow and our two kitten/cats are getting neutered tomorrow. Poor little fellows they have no clue that tonight is their last night with their members. Now I'll have 7 neutered males in my home. My 6 furry friends and my husband who was vasectomy. Outback was really good tonight, YUM!! We went with our friend Brian, who's in town from Denver. He's so funny and we always have a nice time with him. Emily just loves him. She must have told him at least two dozen times tonight that she loves him. It's really quite sweet. Well I guess I'll go-- because for some reason I'm actually tired. Perhaps it's because I haven't slept good in the last week but I'm not sure!!! HA HA!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!

Hey Happy Wednesday! Just got home from work a little while ago, and Emily is happily playing on the computer! Her new favorite past time-- that and still Pokemon. The girl is something. You know but anyway,... I am really enjoying this whole face book thing. I can't get over, how many different people are in one place. People whom you never thought you would hear from again. And suddenly-- there they are, just a small click away. Pretty neat. Work was fine today. NO big time issues. Emily got another Bumble-bee card!! Hip Hip Hooray!! Brian's going to a 76ers game tonight with our nephew, so Emily and I are having a girl's night. Maybe we'll watch a movie! IF we have time too. We still have homework to do, dinner to eat, Emily's bath and etc....So maybe not. We'll see. I guess I should go, this wasn't much of a blog. But Oh well..... Anyway, More later maybe ? :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another one.. WOW!

Not much to report, but I'm not tired, even though it's almost 1 AM and I should be. So I decided to try my hand at writing.... Let's see, I already have some friends on my facebook account. I must admit it is kind of exciting when you get an email that says SO and SO wants to be friends with you. It's been so long since you may have thought of that person and it makes you think.... WOW, I wonder what they are up to and I wonder why I didn't get to know this person better when I had the chance. You know, but High School is what High School is. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA... I just wish I knew then what I know now. I mean I would have concentrated on getting an education and done less stupid things. I would have had more fun and not taken everything so serious. I would have kept in touch with people better and I would have made more real friends there. But you know live and learn. Emily was still kinda up when I went to check in on her at 11:00 pm. She's just like me-- Nocturnal. We put her to bed at 8:30 most nights and it doesn't matter-- she can't go to sleep right away. I have a horrible time of falling asleep. I'm a thinker and I just think about the most random stupid things with the occasional serious thought thrown in for good worry. You know I really need to update my playlist-- not that I don't love all those songs still but I just am getting tired of listening to them. I need to put some Twilight music on there-- Yeah for sure. I have the CD but I keep forgetting to bring it to work and so I just need to put it on my playlist. I probably should go to bed, I feel the slightest urge to sleep. So Goodnight Friends-- May you have pleasant dreams! Peace!

Wow... an update.

Well okay, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Lets see were to begin well I guess I'll start at the most recent and go backwards.....I just put a roast in the oven and I decided to write on here... and Emily had a playdate with Mad today, she likes it but it's funny because they both are so different. Both great kids but just into really different things, so it's a little bit of a struggle to find things for them to do together, but by the end of the day, the two of them didn't want to leave each other. It was nice for me to be able to visit with Danielle too, it's just nice to sit and talk. Yesterday I went out with my aunt, Lunch and Christmas tree shop--- it was fun seeing her because it's been a while and then last night was just fun, because Brian has a FACEBOOK account and I decided I would join too. But I had no idea, just how many of my high school classmates were on there. This one friend of mine from High School had a ton on pics from our HS years on there. OMG--- I had no idea. It was fun to see those pics and look at current pics of everyone. It was kinda fun, and a tad lame as well.. But oh well. What else...... Brian and I had a very nice VALENTINE's Day. I got a beautiful Emerald and Diamond necklace and 18 roses. We also had a date. JUST him and I, that rarely happens so it was really nice. We went and saw TAKEN, it was pretty good if you suspend reality enough to enjoy it.... ;) and then we went to dinner. Emily's parent-teacher conferences were last week too. Brian ending up being the only one to go because Emily was sick, but it went really well. Emily got straight A's again!! She's so smart! Her teacher said she is doing well but needs to work on being more independent as far as doing more things on her own and not needing her aide so much. (just being a little lazy is all and also trying to get others to do things because she doesn't want to--- is what I think). Not much else going on, we did go over our friends house last weekend and played rockband and just hung out! That was fun, I guess that fills you in-- besides working that's about everything. I guess I better go! SEE YA.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Good Samiritian Moment.....

Hello All..okay I guess you are wondering what that title means..... Well, while walking home from work today I saw this beautiful yellow lab aimlessly walking around on the street and at one point it nearly got hit by a car. Anyway, I could see that it didn't have a collar on but that it appeared to be well taken care of so I called it over. He came right up to me, no barking or anything. So I looked around and I saw this van with it's door open in a driveway and thought maybe the dog belonged to them. So I went to the door and knocked and asked the person if the dog was theirs, they said no. So I walked some more with the dog in the opposite direction from where I was going and went to a couple more houses where cars were parked but no body knew who's dog it was. Anyway, after a little while of the dog following me it then decided no longer to listen to me so I decided well to go home and call ASPCA and see if anyone could help the dog out or what I should do ( since Brian wasn't home I couldn't go and bring the dog back or anything ) SO anyway, I decided to start walking home but I was still thinking and worrying about that dog. I saw this man and he was walking another dog with a little girl and I yelled at him---- "Are you missing a DOG?" HE must have misunderstood me because he replied, "NO I ALREADY TOLD THE GUY I DIDN'T SEE HIS YELLOW DOG" I got so excited, I said, "I HAVE THE DOG--- Where's the guy?" Anyway, the guy comes driving up in his truck yelling, "MARLEY!!!!" Yep, that was the dogs name! Can you believe it? I should have guessed. Anyway, the guy thanked me and I know I didn't really do much but I still felt like I had helped and at least I took the effort to try. The rest of my walk was quite enjoyable because I felt really happy that I was able to reunite the dog with his owner... My warm fuzzy feeling lasted the whole way home which was good because it was kind of cold out!!! :) Peace........MISSY

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Colds and Commercials..

Hey, well it's been a few days since I've blogged, I've been feeling lousy since Saturday and I've just not felt like writing anything. I must be feeling a little bit better because I've gotten an urge to write something on here. How good this blog will be, I'm not so sure. Mostly because I haven't done anything at all really since Sunday when we watched the SUPER BOWL! How good was that game!!! OMG.. I really enjoyed it and Brian was SO HAPPY they WON!! He is taking credit for the win because he was wearing Santonio Holmes jersey! Who as everyone should know is from "THE" Ohio State University and caught the winning touchdown!! So it was extra thrilling for him. Anyway, I can't even really remember any of the commercials so I guess all those MILLIONS spend on them were a waste well atleast on me but it could have been my head was just too full of crap to retain any information. I don't know. Anyway, not much else is going on, I did work on Monday at the office and also watched Josh. I knew that I wasn't feeling well but I still felt like I could watch him, plus I didn't want Dan and Tom to be stuck! So I just washed my hands a ton and tried not to breath too much on him. LOL! I called their house yesterday to make sure I hadn't given him my cold, I would have felt sooo bad if I had. But they told me, he seems fine. YEAH! I'm hoping the worst is over and hey I am writing on here so that must be a good sign. I'm going to wash our sheets today in HOT water because they must be full of cold germs and I'm gonna spray Lysol EVERYWHERE! I'm tired of having this cold--- where is all this mucus coming from, I feel like those little green guys from the Mucinex commercial are having a party in there and I'm not happy about it! I love those commercials! THEY MAKE ME LAUGH! I don't know why, maybe because inside I'm only 12. Really, Anyway I did absolutely nothing most of the day yesterday except when Brian and Fernando went to the 76er's game and I had to take care of Emily and put her to bed. Other then that I just kind of chilled out and tried to drink lots of fluids (yes... Dr. Dan!). Today I was planning on going to work but then Tom called and said I could come in on Friday instead if I wanted to. I was like THANK GOD!! Because I didn't really feel like working, Emily's school was 2 hours delayed because of the snow and I was happy to just have the extra time to rest this morning without RUSH RUSH RUSH to get her to the bus stop, anyway it was nice not to have to and also I was able to give her a bath and take a shower (THANK GOD) So it ended up being a much better morning then I planned on. I probably should go know--- I'm sure I've bored you enough. I write as though I'm talking to someone even though I'm not sure who. But if you read this blog I thank you for caring about me enough to read all my dull drums. (I'm not sure I've ever wrote that word combo before or if I'm using it correctly-- like that's new) Anyway, Time to do the laundry! If you're a mom doesn't if feel like you are forever doing the laundry or worrying about doing the laundry. Really, it's like that old Donut commercial.... Time to make the Donuts! I just realized I had three references to commercials in this blog. WOW.. that was so unexpected. COOL I now have a title for this one. Sometimes I can't think of a title until after I write a blog and sometimes I write the title and then write the blog so anyway, Good DAY and I hope what ever I have you don't get! :) MISSY

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brian's BIG DAY!!

Well our house is eagerly awaiting the SuperBowl to start. Brian's a HUGE DIE-HARD STEELER'S FAN and so we are excited they are in the super bowl!! Unfortunately I'm not feeling well, I got a cold--- sore throat, headache, a little congestion, and just a general feeling of shit. So I've been trying to take it easy, and I'm drinking thera-flu. But it doesn't make for a very fun super bowl day, well atleast not for me! Which sucks. But I'm really hoping they win, because that would just make Brian so happy and his joy over it is contagious so you can't help but become a little fan of them yourself, just ask Emily. She has become quite the little Steeler's fan in her own right. She watched the History of the Steelers on DVD this morning with Brian. I mean she wanted to watch it, and she asked a ton of questions, She absorbed as much of the information in it that she could. She is truly a sponge and when she wants to learn something she doesn't stop until she has learned it WELL. SO it was really cute! She was sitting on Brian's lap just so happy and he just loved it! He was talking football w. his little girl, and I think it made his day!! Now if the Steeler's can win today, I think it will be a terrific day for Brian. Anyway, we all have our Steeler's gear on and I'm just hoping my headache goes away before all the cheering (let's hope) starts!! SO I'm gonna go drink the rest of my lemon flavored thera-flu and hope for the best! Take Care and GO STEELERS!!!