Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!

Hey Happy Wednesday! Just got home from work a little while ago, and Emily is happily playing on the computer! Her new favorite past time-- that and still Pokemon. The girl is something. You know but anyway,... I am really enjoying this whole face book thing. I can't get over, how many different people are in one place. People whom you never thought you would hear from again. And suddenly-- there they are, just a small click away. Pretty neat. Work was fine today. NO big time issues. Emily got another Bumble-bee card!! Hip Hip Hooray!! Brian's going to a 76ers game tonight with our nephew, so Emily and I are having a girl's night. Maybe we'll watch a movie! IF we have time too. We still have homework to do, dinner to eat, Emily's bath and etc....So maybe not. We'll see. I guess I should go, this wasn't much of a blog. But Oh well..... Anyway, More later maybe ? :)

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