Thursday, February 19, 2009

There should be a key that is shaped like a musical note

Well we went to outback tonight. I have that stupid commercial song in my head for outback..... "We're going outback tonight" And so I think there should be a key on this stupid keyboard that has the musical note on it so I could use it instead of having to explain this in 4 lines. Ofcourse, Mr. Smarty pants computer genius just told me that their is symbols in word but that I would have to cut and paste them. Oh well that's just too much work anyway. And officially this has taken 6 lines now. I really don't have much to write about. I watched Mad and Josh today, it was fun. They were both very good today and it was a fairly easy day. Mad really likes art, and her and I have that in common and so we did a little art project and I really enjoyed doing that with her. I have to work at the office tomorrow and our two kitten/cats are getting neutered tomorrow. Poor little fellows they have no clue that tonight is their last night with their members. Now I'll have 7 neutered males in my home. My 6 furry friends and my husband who was vasectomy. Outback was really good tonight, YUM!! We went with our friend Brian, who's in town from Denver. He's so funny and we always have a nice time with him. Emily just loves him. She must have told him at least two dozen times tonight that she loves him. It's really quite sweet. Well I guess I'll go-- because for some reason I'm actually tired. Perhaps it's because I haven't slept good in the last week but I'm not sure!!! HA HA!

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