Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brian's BIG DAY!!

Well our house is eagerly awaiting the SuperBowl to start. Brian's a HUGE DIE-HARD STEELER'S FAN and so we are excited they are in the super bowl!! Unfortunately I'm not feeling well, I got a cold--- sore throat, headache, a little congestion, and just a general feeling of shit. So I've been trying to take it easy, and I'm drinking thera-flu. But it doesn't make for a very fun super bowl day, well atleast not for me! Which sucks. But I'm really hoping they win, because that would just make Brian so happy and his joy over it is contagious so you can't help but become a little fan of them yourself, just ask Emily. She has become quite the little Steeler's fan in her own right. She watched the History of the Steelers on DVD this morning with Brian. I mean she wanted to watch it, and she asked a ton of questions, She absorbed as much of the information in it that she could. She is truly a sponge and when she wants to learn something she doesn't stop until she has learned it WELL. SO it was really cute! She was sitting on Brian's lap just so happy and he just loved it! He was talking football w. his little girl, and I think it made his day!! Now if the Steeler's can win today, I think it will be a terrific day for Brian. Anyway, we all have our Steeler's gear on and I'm just hoping my headache goes away before all the cheering (let's hope) starts!! SO I'm gonna go drink the rest of my lemon flavored thera-flu and hope for the best! Take Care and GO STEELERS!!!

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