Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Presidents first speech to the nation.

Hello well I just had to write something about that great speech that Mr. President gave last night. I thought it was an A+!! I think that he gave very straight forward responses of things we need to do as a government and an individual to help get us out of this mess. The one thing about Barack Obama is that he gives a lot of common sense answers to problems and I really like THAT. I've heard a lot of Republicans/oppositions ask how is he going to pay for all this. I think he explained... that you get out of this war (the right way) that's billions of dollars, you go line by line of the useless programs -in 30 days they have saved 2 trillion dollars and you create jobs. All of these are real common sense solutions. I find myself feeling very positive about the direction we are heading in, it's gonna be a long winding bumpy road but at least we ARE headed in the right direction FINALLY.

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