Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Colds and Commercials..

Hey, well it's been a few days since I've blogged, I've been feeling lousy since Saturday and I've just not felt like writing anything. I must be feeling a little bit better because I've gotten an urge to write something on here. How good this blog will be, I'm not so sure. Mostly because I haven't done anything at all really since Sunday when we watched the SUPER BOWL! How good was that game!!! OMG.. I really enjoyed it and Brian was SO HAPPY they WON!! He is taking credit for the win because he was wearing Santonio Holmes jersey! Who as everyone should know is from "THE" Ohio State University and caught the winning touchdown!! So it was extra thrilling for him. Anyway, I can't even really remember any of the commercials so I guess all those MILLIONS spend on them were a waste well atleast on me but it could have been my head was just too full of crap to retain any information. I don't know. Anyway, not much else is going on, I did work on Monday at the office and also watched Josh. I knew that I wasn't feeling well but I still felt like I could watch him, plus I didn't want Dan and Tom to be stuck! So I just washed my hands a ton and tried not to breath too much on him. LOL! I called their house yesterday to make sure I hadn't given him my cold, I would have felt sooo bad if I had. But they told me, he seems fine. YEAH! I'm hoping the worst is over and hey I am writing on here so that must be a good sign. I'm going to wash our sheets today in HOT water because they must be full of cold germs and I'm gonna spray Lysol EVERYWHERE! I'm tired of having this cold--- where is all this mucus coming from, I feel like those little green guys from the Mucinex commercial are having a party in there and I'm not happy about it! I love those commercials! THEY MAKE ME LAUGH! I don't know why, maybe because inside I'm only 12. Really, Anyway I did absolutely nothing most of the day yesterday except when Brian and Fernando went to the 76er's game and I had to take care of Emily and put her to bed. Other then that I just kind of chilled out and tried to drink lots of fluids (yes... Dr. Dan!). Today I was planning on going to work but then Tom called and said I could come in on Friday instead if I wanted to. I was like THANK GOD!! Because I didn't really feel like working, Emily's school was 2 hours delayed because of the snow and I was happy to just have the extra time to rest this morning without RUSH RUSH RUSH to get her to the bus stop, anyway it was nice not to have to and also I was able to give her a bath and take a shower (THANK GOD) So it ended up being a much better morning then I planned on. I probably should go know--- I'm sure I've bored you enough. I write as though I'm talking to someone even though I'm not sure who. But if you read this blog I thank you for caring about me enough to read all my dull drums. (I'm not sure I've ever wrote that word combo before or if I'm using it correctly-- like that's new) Anyway, Time to do the laundry! If you're a mom doesn't if feel like you are forever doing the laundry or worrying about doing the laundry. Really, it's like that old Donut commercial.... Time to make the Donuts! I just realized I had three references to commercials in this blog. WOW.. that was so unexpected. COOL I now have a title for this one. Sometimes I can't think of a title until after I write a blog and sometimes I write the title and then write the blog so anyway, Good DAY and I hope what ever I have you don't get! :) MISSY

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