Friday, February 6, 2009

My Good Samiritian Moment.....

Hello All..okay I guess you are wondering what that title means..... Well, while walking home from work today I saw this beautiful yellow lab aimlessly walking around on the street and at one point it nearly got hit by a car. Anyway, I could see that it didn't have a collar on but that it appeared to be well taken care of so I called it over. He came right up to me, no barking or anything. So I looked around and I saw this van with it's door open in a driveway and thought maybe the dog belonged to them. So I went to the door and knocked and asked the person if the dog was theirs, they said no. So I walked some more with the dog in the opposite direction from where I was going and went to a couple more houses where cars were parked but no body knew who's dog it was. Anyway, after a little while of the dog following me it then decided no longer to listen to me so I decided well to go home and call ASPCA and see if anyone could help the dog out or what I should do ( since Brian wasn't home I couldn't go and bring the dog back or anything ) SO anyway, I decided to start walking home but I was still thinking and worrying about that dog. I saw this man and he was walking another dog with a little girl and I yelled at him---- "Are you missing a DOG?" HE must have misunderstood me because he replied, "NO I ALREADY TOLD THE GUY I DIDN'T SEE HIS YELLOW DOG" I got so excited, I said, "I HAVE THE DOG--- Where's the guy?" Anyway, the guy comes driving up in his truck yelling, "MARLEY!!!!" Yep, that was the dogs name! Can you believe it? I should have guessed. Anyway, the guy thanked me and I know I didn't really do much but I still felt like I had helped and at least I took the effort to try. The rest of my walk was quite enjoyable because I felt really happy that I was able to reunite the dog with his owner... My warm fuzzy feeling lasted the whole way home which was good because it was kind of cold out!!! :) Peace........MISSY

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