Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tales of the Dread Pirate Aaarrrggghhh PROJECT!!

HI Everyone & Happy New Year! ! I know it's been awhile.. I've been neglecting this blog, maybe it'll be my new year's resolution to write a bit more on it. Right now though I have something really important I want to share... Brian has launched a KICKSTARTER project & we only have 23 days to try & get it funded. SO what's the project? Well Brian made up these bedtime stories for Emily years ago & still tells her them to this day & he's turned them into a series of Children's book & we are trying to get them published. It's way too hard to try & get a book published through a publishing house so he wants to try & get the book illustrated & self published. Which we don't have the money to do so we are using the website Kickstarter to try and do so. The money will only be used for the purpose of getting the book made. WE need lots of support so if you can please share it thru twitter or Facebook that would be wonderful. It's a funny tale of a "farting pirate" who's name is the "DREAD PIRATE Aaarrrggghhh" & who's fart are so fierce they make him the most feared pirate in all the seas! EMily LOVEs them & we want to share the story of him w/ others!!! Please help make Brian & infact our entire family's dream come true!! Any help you can give us would be appreciate.. either backing it or promoting the project would be very helpful!!


The Tales of the Dread Pirate Aaarrrggghhh by Brian E. Roach

The Dread Pirate Aaarrggghhh was the most feared pirate who ever sailed the 7 seas...and the smelliest...these are his stories!