Saturday, August 22, 2015

I got the "working retail" blues...(PART 1 in an ungoing series)

Working retail.... involves a lot of moving shit from one side of a shelf to the other. #andthepointis

Working retail.... involves a lot of customers being mad at you because more people aren't working the registers.  Well I am mad about that too & since I'm actually the only one working hard for you, why are you getting mad at me?  #Dumbass

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The "turkey" switcharoo....

A while ago we made the switch from "Ground beef" to "Ground turkey"  I now use ground turkey in everything I used to make with ground beef.  I make turkey chili, turkey meat spaghetti sauce, & turkey taco's,  I  never even think about it missing anything.  I've gotten so used to it.  I don't even miss ground beef anymore... plus it's funny one day when my husband was away I decided to make chili with ground beef instead of turkey & I didn't really care for it anymore.  who knew?  Its cheaper than beef,  taste really good, & is healthier!!!  Why not give it a shot?  I bet after a while you won't even tell.  Now mind you.. I still like a hamburger every once in a while!! ;)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Television kid....

I was raised by a single mother for most of my childhood.  For about 5 years we lived with my mom's second husband... but for most of my childhood it was just us kids & my mom.   Needless to say there wasn't a lot of money for a lot of extra things for us to do, so we watched a lot of television as kids.  Especially me.  I loved TV.  I grew up in the 1970's & 1980's.... I mean I LITERALLY grew up in both of those decades.  I graduated high school in 1990.  I was born in 1971.  I loved that era.   Granted, it's all I know but I honestly loved it.  My childhood wasn't always easy but we had a lot of "freedoms" & innocent joy that I'm not sure kids today do.   I of course watched all the tv classics... like Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, The Dukes of Hazard, heck even... Dallas.  But I wasn't really into them that much,  I watched them because they were on.  What I remember watching & liking more than any other show was believe it or not.  Quincy ME.  I loved Quincy.  Recently I started watching a channel called MEtv it shows all the classic tv I grew up on.  Every day at 11 they show an episode of Quincy.  It's literally my "me" time.  No... I don't usually get to watch it right at 11,  nor do I really want to.  I like dvr'ing it, so I can fast forward the commercials.  I've gotten used to watching television this way, & because of that I really dislike watching "live" television.  Call me spoiled.  But anyway... I love Quincy ME.  Even as I've said before & total believe that it contributed to my "neurotic-ness"  But I still love it.  I mean learning all these different ways one can reach their demise probably isn't necessary good for a young child but re-watching it I also think there's another reason I liked it.  If I put on my "Psychologist" hat,  I think not having a father figure in my life I longed for someone in my own life like Quincy.  Anyone who watches Quincy knew that that character that Jack Klugman played was a "savior" type,  a real warrior for victims, he was kind when needed & tough when it called for it.  He was what I imagined a real father should be.  yes.... I have daddy issues I suppose.  I don't know how one grows up without a daddy & doesn't have them.   The funny thing is the character Quincy didn't have children.  Well not real children,  I think he mentored several & he called one his "foster" child but he didn't have his own.  So it's funny to me that I would see him that way.  But I did.  I guess what it boils down to is I really just wanted "Quincy" to be my dad.  My mom liked watching Quincy too.  Maybe perhaps she wanted someone like "Quincy" to be her husband.  lol  Although he always seemed like a bit of a womanizer to me in that   Anyway... I don't know & maybe I'm just reading into it too much but I think I'm actually on to something.  What can I say I'm in my head a lot,  I always have been more of a "serious" person than a "lighthearted" type.   Maybe it's as simple as that.   After all ... I too was obsessed with after school specials, & all those "Dawn... a portrait of a teenage runaway" type late night movies.  I always went for the heavy.  So perhaps it's as simple as that why I like Quincy.  Who knows?  I know I've re watched about 4 seasons on MeTV so far of Quincy's 7 or 8 season run.  What is funny, is because it's been 25 to 30 years since I watched them they seem "new" to me.  Also it amazes me how much the subject matter hasn't really changed or we still haven't dealt with the issues that were being discussed back then.  Like "big corporation", "police brutality" etc.  Whatever the reason for me being drawn to Quincy ME.  I'm just happy there's a channel like MeTV that replays these shows that mean so much to not only me but a whole generation of people.