Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Emily B. 5th GRADER!!!

Can't even believe it but Emily started FIFTH grade today!!! She was really excited & I think got up a little early.. when I went in her room at 7:30 she was already up. She's soo like me.. I used to do the same thing. Anyway.. it's 1:24 pm and I can't wait til she gets home to find out how her day was!! Plus.... I miss her.. i hope she had a GREAT day, and I hope this is a GREAT year for her! She definitely deserves it! Anyway.. Emily asked me to write about her eye dr's appt on here so I told her I would. She had an eye doctor appt on 8/30 with a new eye dr. whom we liked a lot and her office is in Woodbury. So it's closer than going over the bridge to CHOP. Since this new doctor is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist we felt comfortable taking her there... she's always gone to CHOP but they messed up the paperwork last time and our insurance would no longer cover it. UGH annoying but it all worked out.. the new doctor came HIGHLY recommended and seemed really thorough... unfortunately for Emily that meant the dreaded "EYE DROPS" ugh... Emily HATES them!!! But she did SOOOO well with them this time and we were really really PROUD of her. I could see how she's matured and it made me soooooo proud to see! Anyway.. I hope Emily has a great day, and I can't help but think of her while she's at school cause I miss her soo much & hope she's having a good day!! Love her LOTS!!!!! Duh!