Friday, March 19, 2010

a prayer by Emily...

I always find little precious things that Emily has written when I clean.. Today I was cleaning up Emily's room and I found this little book of prayers.. and the end of the book you can write in your own prayer.. Emily wrote:

Dear God,

Bless my Mommy
and my Daddy
Bless me
and Bless you!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Jump Rope Poem by Emily Roach age 8

Jumping, Jumping, all around
Jumping, Jumping on the ground

We love to jump, but who are we?
We are the Jump Ropes,
You can see!

We Jump and Jump and bounce around
And wiggle-jiggle on the ground

We love to jump, but who are we?
We are the Jump ropes
You can See!

A cute poem that I found while cleaning up the office.. I had never seen it before and thought it was wonderful!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The world according to Emily....

This is a conversation I just overheard from Brian and Emily.....

Emily says, "I wanna be the next Albert Einstein"..." I wanna look at my Microscope"

to which Brian say, " I thought you wanted to play WII Sport Resort?"

Emily says, "NO I CHANGED MY MIND.... Because looking in the Microscope is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Cooler!!!"

Only our daughter.... :)

A guilt post....

Been feeling kind of guilty lately for not posting anything on this blog in a while.. Why? I don't know.. I don't think anyone outside of Emily & Me care, but isn't that enough... Emily keeps telling me to post about her Americanism show which was back in NOVEMBER!!!! Yikes... SO now I'm feeling really really guilty. Emily was sooo cute in the show, she did THREE songs with her class.. but two of them she got to "perform" a little.. in the one she held up a cardboard tea pot and had to pour pretend tea in one of her classmates cardboard cup... it was soooo cute because Emily was faster than all the other pourers and it was soooo funny and cute!! LOVED It!!!! Luckily I was able to tape it!! Although I learned a very very important lesson--- don't tape other kids UNTIL you've finished taping ur own, because a little bit of the 3rd song she did... I had run out of tape on. Which annoyed me, she was sooo cute in that one as well because she got to have pom poms and was soooo good at it. I was really impressed with her----- SHE DID SOOO GREAT!!! :))) LOVE HER!!! I love that the school puts this on... it was like the 33rd year they've been doing it!! It was really amazing.. plus just love the fact they are honoring the vets & military.. Anyway... we are all doing pretty good.. Brian had surgery several months ago and it seems to have helped alot although just lately he's been complaining again about being tired but has finally worked out all the issues with his CPAP and is back to using the machine.. I think we were all hoping it would be unneccesary after the surgery but no such luck. :( OH well... it is ALOT better.. just not perfect although not much in life is, Right? I have to make some doctor's appointments which ofcourse I've been putting on the back burner... I know I need to... it's just uuuuggh... hate it!! Fernando just turned 24! I can't even believe it... life is flying at super speed--- it really is. We are hoping to go to Florida in June or July if we can. Haven't been on a real vacation in soooooooooo long. Also we are planning on going to a campground this summer too. IT's been such a loooooooong winter, and SOO MUCH snow, I'm sooo looking forward to SUMMER and warm weather. Right now, I'm trying to give up soda!!! I've become soo addicted to it, it's one of my few vices, but I got to cut it... because It's sooooooo not good for u. I've been drinking ice tea instead, homemade ice tea and adding just a little sugar to it.. hopefully this will help me to lose some weight. I got on the scale the other day and was horrified at how much I weight. Emily is doing pretty good--- she has to go to the neurologist at some point, just for a check up... her medicine hasn't been adjusted in some time and they just need to see her. We haven't been seeing too many of the Absence seizures from her, so hopefully that is a good sign that maybe she is outgrowing them. :) Fingers crossed! She's doing pretty good in school... her grades are still excellent.. she was having a little bit of a crying issue but is doing much better at that even. :) YAY!! She still LOVES pokemon.. Probably more than ever. SHe has even learned to sing one of the Japenese Pokemon Songs.... YES she's singing Japanese.. TOO MUCH! Isn't she great? LOVE HER!!! I know I already said that.. can't help it. Anyway... I'm still watching Josh and working @ TG. Both are good... Josh is getting sooo BIG!! Love my GODSON! He's just the cutest boy!!! Dan is always saying, Isn't he soooo cute!! And he really is... we just can't help saying it.. BIG BROWN EYES, cute face and just a sweety! We are hoping that we can stay a night at the big yogi campground in Lancaster with Dan & the fam this summer. Emily really LOVES camping and even more so with Madeline, because they enjoy playing with each other, makes it even more FUN!! I'm soo glad those girls have each other. I hope they like each other when they are teenagers.. that'll be the test. I think they will but u never know.. the cliques, oh the cliques.. luckily they aren't in the same school so that should help. :)) What Else? Well we are walking in our 8th March of Dimes walk this year!!! Pretty impressive.. we've been walking in it since Emily was two. WOW!! I'm so proud of us for doing it every year.... and our team has two new walkers, a friend of mine from FACEBOOK and a friend (and newly friened by me) of hers!! :) YAY!! It was so nice that they joined our team, made me soo happy. Their names are Dawn and Heather... Dawn said she read my note about Emily and wanted to help.. WOW! Isn't that sweet? As a team we have already raised $465!!!!!! and we still have 44 days til the walk.. I think this is the best start we have ever had!! I'm hoping to raise $2000.00 this year!! Wouldn't that be impressive.. I was thinking we've probably raised over $10,000 for the March of Dimes over the years... that gives me such pride! I can't even explain it! Anyway the walk is on April 25th this year! :) So anyway still on Facebook obviously... still having fun on it. Completely addicted to FARMVILLE... but haven't yet become addicted to any of the other games on their. INfact all my fish died in fishville.. I'm a one application women I suppose. I guess I should go but I must say I feel pretty good about taking a moment and writing this blog... Feel good!! YAY!! Anyway... peace out !