Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Angie? What were u thinking!

Okay.. Huffington Post had an article about an interview that Angie Harmon gave to I think it was fox news. I didn't see the interview so I don't know whether the report was fair or unfair but I thought it was kinda funny because apparently she said something like, I like the republican party because they don't point fingers and accept your differences and don't make u feel like u have to agree with them. NOW EXCUSE me but by her saying that, isn't she pointing fingers and blah blah blah... shut up. I always liked her as an actress and I'll still like her as an actress, she can have whatever views she wants but I think it's a little hypocritical to say that u don't like pointing the fingers at people when u are doing that very thing by saying that. I mean, right? Republicans, democrats, christians, athiest, whatever.... I truly look at people with an open mind and ofcourse I wish that some people did not have the views they had, for instance I wish that EXTREME pro lifers would not kill abortion doctors to make a point that they don't like them killing "babies". I DON"T LIKE THOSE PEOPLE. I don't like people that feel it is their responsibility to POLICE the rest of us and tell us what it is we should believe, example.... don't have an abortion, don't be gay (as if it's a choice), don't smoke marijuana (even if ur in pain-- I would have got my Mom a case of joints if it would have helped ease her pain when she had cancer), don't eat meat, don't wear fur, etc. I don't like judgmental people..... PERIOD. And maybe someone would look at me for writing this and think I'm hypocrite and judging Angie but I'm not really judging her I'm just pointing out a brain fart she had. The point I'm trying to make is that it was really a stupid thing to say and personally I try to be a friend to anyone until I see something that makes me go... whoa you are NOT the kind of person I want in my life. I want people who regardless of their beliefs are GOOD people! So, GUESS what ANGIE BABY.. this member of the democratic party takes offense to what you said because I try really hard not to point fingers until I'm giving a reason to. Im sure ur a good person and I would probably like u in real life, but I think it was mighty stupid of u to say that line, because it just was. People say stupid things and it's okay. I say stupid things all the time, but I would think that ur agent is like what the hell were u thinking. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

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