Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blah Blah Blah and a Product Review

HI... Brian and Fernando are at the movies, and Emily is happily playing with BENDAROOs--- they are sorta a sticky version of pipe cleaners that you can mold into just about anything, she got them for Christmas and really likes them. Maybe I'll take a picture of some of her creations and display them on here. Anyway, I figured this was the perfect time for me to take a few minutes to write a blog. I'm listening to the Twilight Soundtrack. I went and saw it again last night. Okay, that's three times and I enjoyed it just as much as ever! Danielle and I went with her niece to see it! SOO FUN! Anyway, I'm finally on the 2nd book, I've read about 150 pages so far. Let's see this winter vacation has gone by sooo fast. I wish that it wasn't over, I have really enjoyed having Emily home. It makes me a little sad that she has to go back to school already. But I'll have a busy week to distract myself... I work on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and I'll be babysitting Josh on Friday. So that'll be good. Oh yeah, I have to tell you this, Emily has become fascinated with the "smooth away" Infomercial. It's this hair removal system that is on TV-- anyway, we saw it at the Rite-Aid and decided to give it a whirl. Anyway so here is my take on the product. It promises to Instantly remove hair with out pain. It does remove hair but it takes a Little effort ( not instantly) but it is NOT painful at all. I actually think it was worth the $9.95, I would use it if I forgot to shave and I wanted to just clean up my ankles or in the summer for a quick fresh up. The fact that it doesn't require electricity or water is great to just take in the car for long trips and you can shave you legs as you are waiting to get to your destination(as long as you're not driving) It does take a while to do but I actually found it rather soothing. Anyway, that's that. My first Product testing. I say if you see Smooth away---- give it a try. :) Have a nice Day.. Missy

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