Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BDF, I love you from BMF

Hi, I have to tell you this cute Emily story. First Emily is the BEST bed time staller in the UNIVERSE but she is SOOO Cute about it! I'm a sucker for her every time! Tonight I promised myself that she was going to be in BED by 8:30 but that didn't happen. We were playing with this balloon that she got last week from Chick Fila and she was having so much fun just catching that thing, (so Much for all those Xmas PRESENTS--- Right?) SO anyway, I let her stay up til 8:42, and then, after we brushed her teeth it was probably 8:45 and then she asked me for a back rub so I said, Well okay but it's either a back rub or a story. NOT BOTH! (See I'm being a toughie.. :) "OK-- I'll take a back rub." she says. So I give her a back rub. I got one of those little massaging doohickeys for Xmas. You know they have a handle and looks like a little car with wheels and she just loves it! After the back rub she says, "Can you write on my back-- PLEASE MOMMY?" We play this game where we try to guess what the other person draws. I told her, yes but only 2 and then of course I did 3 drawings. After that she says, "Mommy, I have a secret" She says it so sweet, so ofcourse I just melt and I say, "Oh good, cause I LOVE secrets" and then Emily says, "Mommy-- You are my BMF and I love you always and forever and will you be my BFF?" SO I say, " Ofcourse, and you are most definitely my BDF and we will always and forever be BFF." Emily is really into abbreviating and just so you know:


So anyway, she stayed up til 9:05 but OMG, How cute is she? I mean I really do LOVE bed time just because it is really such a sweet time and so what if she stays up a little late, it's totally worth it! And technically she was IN BED just fifteen minutes late just not ASLEEP! See what I mean I'm a SUCKER, but honestly can you blame me. :) So anyway, sweet dreams. Goodnight.

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