Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WOW... What a beautiful sunset tonight!

Hi, It's been a rather dull day, but tonight when Brian got home, he told me to come outside with him. I have to say I was still in my PJ's (isn't that pathetic!) but the sky was magnificent. It was a completely bright orange/pink beautiful sunset and I'm glad I saw it!! IT was GLORIOUS!! Truly. Ahhhhh..... Anyway, the rest of my day was like I said pretty dull, Emily was home from school, she had a 24 hour flu thing. She could have probably went to school but her school's nurse would have probably just sent her home. This nurse has me so paranoid about sending her in with even the slightest symptom. Because she will ALWAYS ask me to come and pick her up. Being that I don't drive, it does make that more difficult! Yesterday though she was really NOT feeling well. So it was probably for the best anyway, why risk her getting more sick if her reserve was a little down. Better to be safe then sorry. SO we just kind of chilled out and I made her really try and rest today. I figure if I make it NO FUN, she be less likely to want to stay home. Yes, she's only 8 but she pulls the "I don't wanna go to school thing already" and she's so smart she knows just how to get away with it! Stinker! But I must say this, I did enjoy our extra snuggle time today! Let's see what else. I will be babysitting Joshua tomorrow.... he is getting so talkative. It's really fun to see him learning so much, it's amazing week to week what he learns. FUN! It's a lot easier to understand what he wants and needs because if you ask him something, he'll say MMMmmmm if he wants it! It's really cute. I see him almost every week and I really like that. I have also been seeing a little more of my great nephew Nicholas too because Steve is working full time now and I think Heather is going a little stir crazy in her house. So I saw Nicholas two times last week, he is growing so fast and he is such a little cutie but he is into everything and Heather has her hands filled with that little guy!! But he is really sweet and really really cute! So Heather keep coming to visit us! My nephew, Justin was really funny last week because he and Heather counted how many pictures of them were up and they were giving me shit because I had so many more of other relatives/friends then of the two of them. I told them if you give them to me, I put them up. SO the next day Heather came back with pictures! IT was cute, I have to get them up or they are never going to let me forget it. HA HA!! Anyway, before I bore you even more I guess I should go. But I do hope that you were able to see that sunset tonight, it was heavenly. Anyway, GOOD NIGHT! Sweet dreams.

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