Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello Yellow..................

Well I know that's a strange title but I understand it and that is all that matters... Ha Ha!! Anyway, I'm doing okay. Brian has been having these dizzy spells and they are quite upsetting. He has to go see an ear, nose and throat specialist because hopefully it's just an inner ear thing, and nothing more serious. More to worry about, isn't life like that. Just when one worry goes away another one comes. I'm trying not too worry but it's almost impossible-- thinking of the worse case scenario-- my mind works like that and then I try to instantly push it out of my thoughts. Please say a little pray for him that it's nothing serious! thanks!! Well lets see, Yesterday two ideas popped in my head for blog ideas, the first was about my recurring dreams.. to see if any one out there in blog land could analyze them for me. But then I just thought I don't want to maybe learn what they meant. I have a pretty good idea anyway, SO then I thought I would write about the Berlin Farmers Market--- it's a flea market not far from where we live, but for some reason my Mom always called it the Berlin Auction. I think they use to do auctions there and anyway that's just what we called it. Our family visited it over and over again while I was growing up, sometimes every weekend. Sometimes twice a month. It was just something we did, you know the funny thing is that we rarely ever bought anything much, maybe a Nancy Drew book for my sister Mary but we just enjoyed it--- the hunt for the bargain and the atmosphere and the SOFT PRETZELS... they are the best, anyway I got such a craving for them yesterday, I convinced Brian that we should go get some!! Yum Yum... they never change.. Delicious! I hope they can survive this economy because oh it would just be awful.. they are more than delicious, they also remind me so much of time with my Mom. We NEVER went to the Auction without getting some and I mean like a dozen, or atleast a 1/2 dozen and they were warm and good and we would eat 1/2 of the bag of them before we got home. Just like how I did yesterday. While they were hot and delicious! Yum! Well, I guess I did write about that one didn't I. So right now, Brian's new medicine for his dizzy spells has wiped him out and he is taking a nap, which is good because he doesn't sleep enough and Emily is playing with a little sticker book she got for Christmas--- She's happy and my cat Napoleon is laying in the sun that is coming in from the window. So it's a peaceful little scene here. Everyone happy or sleeping..... Alright well I guess I'll go and find something productive to do, you know like clean.. UUURRGGHHH, well maybe not I mean I don't want to interrupt all this lovely Peace. :)

OH my Goodness. I almost forgot I have a cute Berlin Auction story. My niece Heather was visiting me when she was about 7 or 8, Emily's age now and we told her that we were going to the mall. To which she replied, Are we going to the Clean Mall or the Dirty Mall? I laughed and laughed because I knew the dirty mall was the Berlin Auction. Isn't that just so cute, I mean she just lay it out there exactly perfectly, it is just that, a dirty mall! I love that story.

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Delicate Delight said...

OMG! I totally remember going there when we lived with you guys and mary being obsessed with nancy drew books! Mom still goes there to get her jewelry fixed...and I love their soft ice cream and pretzels! Do you know about the soft pretzel factory?