Friday, January 16, 2009

Reason's I'm a DORK.......

Okay.. Some people can't deal with being called a DORK. But whatever, I am a dork/ Nerd. I think it makes me, well me. I'll admit it and here are some reasons I can officially call myself a dork and also laugh at myself:

1) I own the DVD.... ABC's Afterschool specials! IT's 26 episodes of Afterschool specials that aired in the 1970's and 1980's-- AWESOME!!

2) I walk to work... I think I'm just an ENVIRONMENTALIST not wanting to POLLUTE our air but you may think else wise... TO each his own.

3) I own the first season of the BRADY BUNCH on DVD!!

4) I like and sing along to Emily's CD's like Laurie Berkner!

5) I am OLD but still love watching Real World on MTV

6) I've seen Twilight 3 Times in the Theater and want to go see it a FOURTH time!! Aaaaaahhhh My EDWARD.

7) I like TOP CHEF and Project RUNWAY!!

8) I buy self help books and then DON'T READ THEM... Doesn't everyone do that though...

9) I'm a GOLD Member of the CLASSMATES Website.... just because I want to see how bad or good people look after 20 years.


11) I LOVE Other PEOPLE's BLOGS!! I'm upset a little that Rosie quit her blog.. I mean I thought we WERE friends!! HA HA!

12) I LIKE funky sneakers... like converses! They make me feel younger!

13) I think my husband is sexy when he's pretending to be a ROCKER while playing ROCK BAND!!

14) I watch National Lampoons Vacation probably once every two weeks... I find something very comforting about that movie. But I like the first half of the movie much better then the 2nd half. So I think my DVD will get worn out on 1/2 the DVD only. Can that happen?

15) I seriously can't explain the THRILL I get when I find an article of clothing on sale in the Clearance rank for like $2 and its either Emily or my size. I LOVE IT!! If I could bottle that feeling up---- I'd be happy always!!

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Delicate Delight said...

i think being a nerd /dork runs in the family because 1. weve both made a list like that...2. i laughed because some of your items are on my list or vice

oh man! ps-isnt the new real world much different than the others? i loooooove it!