Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sixer's Game tonight!

Tonight we are going to a 76'ers Basketball game. Brian bought season tickets this year and as season ticket holders we have the opportunity to have seats in the box section for 2 games. SO Because I'm spoiled (HA HA) I wanted to go to those two games and one of them is TONIGHT! Our normal seats are in the nose bleed section and are BENEATH me!! HA HA..... :) We have to leave around 6 pm! I'm looking forward to it but part of me (the lazy part) is just like I'll just stay home. I don't want to have to get ready and find something to wear that I feel comfortable in and blah blah blah.. and it's just easier to stay home. I mean I'm not going to but I am always like this, once I get there I will have fun but the whole process just doesn't seem worth it! Pathetic, Right? Oh well....... My aunt is watching Emily for us and Emily is excited about that! Also my niece is watching her until my Aunt gets here so THANK YOU both for helping us out like this. Well actually they are helping Fernando out because we were going to the game regardless but Fernando wants to use our regular tickets and for him to do that he had to find a babysitter and that is what he did. But still THANKS, because it is very nice of you! Anyway, I better go and see if my clothes are dry (they are in the dryer, I'm so organized, nothing like waiting til the last second. We only have about an hour! YIKES. Anyway, I'll let you know later if they win or not. They are having a mediocre season so far. I haven't been that into them this year, I don't know why, because they are usually mediocre so that isn't it, I just haven't been watching to many of the games. Anyway, Good Bye.

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