Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm here again... Wow... 2 in one month it's amazing! Today was a good day we went over Brian's brother's house and had dinner there. It was nice, and we were trying to finalize plans for Thanksgiving---- I know it seems really early but we just needed to talk about who's house it would be at and what each of us would do. We decided to just go shopping together and split the cost this way one family isn't paying for the whole thing. I am soo happy we are as a family communicating more and It makes me sooo happy. We've had some issues in the past and they are all getting resolved. It was just about not understanding each other, and communication not being open. Things are soo much better now. I really feel like we are going to be that close family I always wanted to have with them. November is going to be such a busy month. Our family has sooo many birthdays in November... Emily, Brian, my Father in law, my niece Heather, my Great nephew Nicholas and my nephew Jimmy... it's really WOW!! My mom's birthday was in November too. Such a busy month.. not to mention Thanksgiving so I'm just feeling good that we talked and got things in some order early. What else... well I've become somewhat addicted to this game on facebook called Farmville.. it's kinda like you built this farm and you have to harvest your fields and take care of animals. I really like it.. and it helps when the boredom strikes. I still am enjoying Facebook, but I've learned soo much about people... most of the people that I've Friended from my past I really like. I enjoy their updates and think that I would get along with them if I were to meet them in "REAL" life, others whom I even had strong relationships with back in HS, and I've realized that If I didn't know them before I would NOT LIKE THEM at all now. Politically, or personality wize I just find them obnoxious. It's funny--- you remember them one way and found out that they aren't that person at all, but because you were young and they hadn't developed their ideals yet. When you're young your relationships are based on looks or feelings alone. But when you get older you base them more on important qualities... I don't know if I am explaining myself well but it's just how I've felt about some of my former "real" friends. I didn't think of them the way that they are today.... I still thought of them the innocent way of my youth but now getting to know them that's all gone. They have turned into people whose character I don't like. It's kinda sad to know that I would not like them if I had the chance to be their friend and I would not really wanna be. But luckily that is the minority and not the majority of people I've reconnected with. Most of them are really cool and I'm happy that I've developed even a small relationship with thru Facebook. Oh well, I'm kinda sad the weekend is over. I really enjoy being with my family. I especially like the extra time I get with Emily and Brian. Sometimes I feel like the week is just one routine after another.. It's nice to just have the lazy days of the weekend. I don't like being bored but I like the non-chalant quality of the weekend too.

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