Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall is here, Christmas is around the corner.

Hello.. I'm updating on here, it's amazing I know. I guess I just feel like writing I was kinda eager about it. Thinking that I would write this and that.. now lets hope I don't forget. I guess I'll start off with Emily because well she's the most important part anyway... always. She's doing sooo good in 3rd grade. She came home the other day and said... "Mommy I'm doing excellent in 3rd grade." and I could not help but to smile. She's sooo cute, and ofcourse right. She's gotta all A's on her tests. Her daddy and I are very proud. She has decided she wants to be Hannah Montana for Halloween. I am thrilled, cause I get to help her with the costume. We aren't buying a store one but rather putting one together. I bought this really cool GOLD jacket that I've modified some to fit her (it's was a size small juniors) so it was a little big on her and I think it's gonna look really good. Then we got her some pants, and borrowed some boots from Madeline. It's looking really cool so far!! What else.. I went to Christmas Tree shop tonight with Danielle.. we had sooo much fun!! We really enjoyed just relaxing and not having any of the kids with us... so we got to take our time. Infact we were in there for so long.. we didn't realize how long and were shocked to realize it was quarter to ten @ night when we left.. YIKES. It was awesome. Got some cool things and a really cool photo album scrapbook for Emily that we can put her school pics in/ and art work and etc up until 6th grade anyway. I LOVE IT! I spent almost $60.00 so I was like YIKES.. but I didn't feel too bad cause Dan spend double.. hehe. IT was fun like I said. Still doing facebook and I still like it but @ times I find it annoying. You open yourself up a little to being hurt some. I question if the friendships I'm developing on there are at all real. I guess I mean do they care about me really or am I just a person that they don't really care about. I'm not sure I'm enjoying it as much as I used to. It's hard to email some one and not get a response back--- my skin is thin and it hurts my feelings a little. I'm wondering if perhaps I'm not cut out for a system of social interaction such as it. It's hard for me to explain myself with out you knowing me. If you knew me it would make sense. I tend to be VERY honest with people but also care what they think tooooo much. The combination can lead to hurt feelings, mostly mine because other so called "friends" don't really care. Been feeling that way about someone that I actually considered one of my real friends on their, so it's just been a bad week for facebook this week. Also I've had a headache on and off for a few days in a row and it's just annoying. It feels much better right now.. maybe perhaps that helped me decide to write a blog. Ofcourse perhaps I've been getting the headaches cause I"m a little stressed. Worrying about Brian... his next surgery is on the 26th of this month. I know it's gonna be OKAY but you know. oKay... Well I'm feeling a little tired and I guess since it's almost 1 am tht makes sense.. so I guess I'll go now. I'm really going to TRY and update a little more often!! Anyway PEACE OUT!!

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