Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't think of a title!

Okay.... I'm starting to run out of titles for my entrees.. I'm just gonna start using a play on Movie Titles unless something else hits me that I like better. Anyway, just thought I would write about stuff that's going on. I can't believe how fast May is going... part of me is happy... because I can't wait for summer and Emily to be off. But also it just reminds me of how quick life goes by... April was a flash... and now May... it just goes by too fast. But each week I still can't wait til' the weekend. May's always a bittersweet time for me. My Mom died on May 9th, and it being the month of Mother's Day.... it is both a very sweet time and a very difficult time. I didn't forgot to acknowledge my Mom on here on May 9th.... it's just I did it on Facebook. I thought about her alot that whole week. I always think about her but I really thought about her that week. It's tough. I just miss having her here to say the most generic things to.... like crocs, would she like them? Or Kenney Chesney is in concert and wishing my Mom was here to take. Or just wishing she was here to eat chinese food with. Or would she like this new flavor of Rita's? Wanting to show her Emily's school pictures and get her reaction to them. SO many things... U just don't think that u'll miss and u miss SOOOO badly. I know she would get a kick out of EMily's obsession with the Sound Of Music... she would think that was cool! Wanting to share Emily with her... all the time!!! To see her love for her, to see her amazement of her! I just would really love that. It's all gone and its so unfair.... but that's life. It sucks sometimes but has moments of Brilliance---and u hope for more of those moments then the other. Anyway, what else.... we are going to the Memorial Day parade at my Aunts on Monday. That should be fun!! Emily LOVES it! ! Brian's surgery went well... he had it last Monday and fingers crossed gets the plastic tubes in his nose out today. HOPEFULLY!!! Then we can start to know if it's gonna help him enough so he doesn't need the other surgeries or not. Again FINGERS CROSSED!! Let's see... Emily's 2nd grade field trip is to the Philadelphia Art Museum on June 3rd and I've agreed to be a chaperone! Lets hope that goes well too! It's always a little scary when u don't know the temperament of the other children and hoping that the "bad seed" isn't in ur group. I know that sounds bad but it's true!!! I have to find the sheet for when Emily's end of year eval is... I think it's the 25th but I have no idea of the time.... Yikes. I gotta find that paper. ALright I guess I'll go.. can't think of anything else!! have a nice day! =)

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