Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer '09 so far,,,,,

It's been a while since I've updated, but we've been having a fairly busy summer so besides my updates on facebook I haven't really thought about writing anything on here for a while. Today is kind of a lazy day so I thought I would take a few minutes to update this blog with whats been going on. Let's see...Memorial day parade (saw my friend Karen from HS), BBQ at my aunts, went to the Kenny Chesney/Sugar land concert with my aunt and cousin in June, Emily & I have been to the shore twice so far, we had a camping trip and Knoebels vacation with our good friends over the 4th of July weekend, Saturday that just passed Emily went to a pool party @ the Gloucester township municipal pool for one of her school friends (she had a blast- it was the best she's ever done being in a pool by her self), and yesterday we went to Mike Mike's graduation party BBQ. SO far it's been a fun summer I guess.. however, I really need like a week or two week vacation some where. I mean I love doing these day trips but it would be really nice to sink your teeth into a vacation and truly forget the troubles of the world. U know? IT was funny (well not funny-- ha ha) but funny ironic is that the first trip to the shore Emily and I went with Danielle, Madeline, and Josh.. we had a great day. The weather was beautiful and we just had a really nice time...... well we left about 4 or so from the shore and when we came home we found out that both Farrah Fawsett and Michael Jackson had passed away. IT WAS SO SAD!!! But we were down there and had NO CLUE... so both of us heard it after we got home and our husbands told us and we both were shocked--- it was kind of ironic because everyone else was aware of it but we were totally (happily) oblivious to it. I kinda liked not knowing.. i mean it was soo sad and it wasn't like I knew this people but since I had grown up in the 70's & 80's they were a part of my childhood. I remember watching Farrah on Charlie's Angels. It was one of my sister and I's favorite shows growing up. As for Michael I mean, I went to middle school when he was the man. SO many of my classmates had that red zipper jacket and wore the one glove. Some even had their hair like his. The thriller album was the shit during that time. So it was extra sad that these icon's from my youth were gone. I think that made it extra sad for me. Anyway, my obsession with facebook continues... I just am enjoying it. I think I like the feeling of a community. It's nice to feel like some one Likes your comment or you can get a lil' giggle over a comment they left. I did unfriend someone. This girl was soo annoying. Her status updates were obnoxious and I could not take it anymore. It was bringing me down.... so I finally just decided that we were tooo different to even be "CYBER" friends. I kinda felt bad for doing it, but I am soo much happier not to have to see her obnoxious comments... They were soo egocentric I could not take it anymore. She talked about herself in the 3rd party and referred to herself as "PRINCESS". I'm hoping that she was just kidding but after months of it.... I just didn't find the joke funny anymore (if ever). It was like, Do u ever think of any one else but yourself? I am just happier with out her stupid comments... they irritated me so. The final straw came when Michael Jackson died and she was like.... "People get over it--he was a bad man" or something like that... she wrote it like 3 times. My take on Michael Jackson is this..... I don't know what happened. DO I think he was strange, YES... but I don't know that it was proven he was a pediphile. I say let the man rest in peace and it's in God's hands to judge him now. I felt sorry for his family and his children. It's not my place to judge him and I didn't think it was hers either. I don't know what he did, and I'm not saying he was innocent... just that I don't know. I also feel like he DID alot of good in his life too... I remembered the kindness he showed to Ryan White, and all the make a wish's that were granted because of his Neverland Ranch. I'm not a super Michael Jackson fan, and I thought he was weird. But I respect him for his talents and the good things he did in his life too, and for all the other accusations against him, I'm sure he will have to face God at the Pearly gates. I think that's good enough for me.

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