Wednesday, June 27, 2012

March of Dimes Award Dinner

So we got an invitation to the March of Dimes Awards dinner again this year, & in the past we never went. I guess for a couple of reasons, I don't like the spotlight & also I'm not sure how I feel about a charity spending money on a dinner or awards for that matter so we've always declined. BUT then we got a note from them saying Emily was going to receive the 2nd place youth walker award for Gloucester County. Our family team also would be getting an award for 5th place Family Team. :) So anyway.. we thought Emily would like receiving an award & when we told her about it, she was so thrilled at the idea! So that was that, we were going, both Brian & I felt the same way.. well now we must go! I think for me too, it being our 10th walk it felt like it was the right time. Considering the reasons we were going we weren't that disappointed when the dinner was not very good & I kinda respected that they didn't throw mucho bucks at it, I really mean no offense.. hope u can see what I'm trying to say. They had BBQ drum sticks, baked beans & corn on the cob (the frozen kind) BUT it was in a beautiful venue & the room had a view of a water fountain in the middle of a lake. SO it was nice. Anyway.. we didn't really know what to expect having never been to one before. They must have only had the venue for 2 hours cause after quickly getting our dinners, the MC guy gave a speech & started handing out awards.. first were corporate donors, than the Family Teams, which we had to get up in front of everyone & accept, *not my cup of tea.. but it wasn't too uncomfortable.. & they did give us a really nice plague with our TEAM's name listed on it & our 5th place title... they took our picture & we held the plague proudly! Then they called the YOUTH walker awards.... Which Emily got a 2nd Place AWARD! She also received a plague with her name on it & her 2nd place title.. she was so HAPPY! We let her go up to receive it by herself, which she did great---& then Emily just had fun!!! She went from the back of the room where they were handing out the awards to the front of the room where the MC was & was raising her hands in the air like YAY!!! Then she gave the MC guy--- a HIGH five, while the crowd cheered! I was one proud mama & then she went even further.. the MC guy said, so do you want to give a speech? I think half in jest & she totally surprising everyone when she said yes and took the MICROPHONE from him & starting giving an impromptu speech saying Thank you and explaining how she raised the money for the March of Dimes! By the end.. i was crying & everyone was clapping!! The MC guy, said "See that's what this is about!!!" That's my girl making something special,EXTRA special!! I love her & I say it often but I'm going to say it again, she reminds me everyday how to live a life.. with happiness & full of joy! Here's a few pics from the night, an event I'm really happy that we went to! :)

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