Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend Hello..

Hey everyone... What's up??? I'm soo tired I can't even believe it.. I slept for almost 10 hours last night & then took an unexpected nap today from 11:30 to 2 PM!!!! I didn't mean to sleep that long, & when i woke up I kept looking at the clock thinking no way??? I thought i was asleep for 1/2 hour.. i know that makes me seem really lazy but I've actually been super busy in the last month & I think I really needed it, SO many things going on for Emily's end of school year/ all the regular life things & Emily started drum lessons on Wednesdays too... the little rocker.. she's been doing really good with them so far. :) So I've been busy & I'm one tired lady I guess plus I've chaperoned 3 field trips in two weeks!!! Yesterday we went to Clementon Park w/ most of the entire 5th grade class.... it was the safety field trip.. 5th graders in Emily's school can volunteer to be safety's.. (every quarter they assign new kids to certain jobs around the school.. hallway monitor kinda thing.. some are bus patrol, Emily helped in a 1st grade class as her JOB during the beginning of the school year) Anyway... so we spent a long, hot day at Clementon Park.. which is a local park here in NJ... it has amusement rides & a water park.. the water park is pretty nice! We stayed in the water park for the majority of the day.. especially since Emily doesn't like rides very much but she loved hangin in the wave pool & we were there for most of it. She had a really good time! I'll post pics later! :) Anyway... Im sooooo happy Brian comes home on Monday... YAY YAY YAY!!!!! I've really missed him & really need a bit of a mental break... I don't like this whole single parent thing.. which I've felt like I've been for the last month.. very difficult.. i have such a new respect for Military families... REALLY & TRULY! He's been gone a month.. wow!! We made it. End of year?? Went so fast this year, & believe it or not Emily graduates on June 11th from Elementary school... when I think about it i really feel like crying.. i don't know why? I guess her growing up, changing a school we like & feel comfortable's just hard.. I don't know but it's really really really hitting me that she's growing up. Makes me feel bitter-sweet & gives me a whole new set of concerns for her. Love her so much, I'm sure lots of parents feel the same way I do at this age and time in their kids lives. Middle school concerns... all that drama. :( Anyway, if I write anymore I'm going to be crying so anyway.. Emily also had her 5th grade social.. see pics below.. It was really cute, they had games & there was a DJ... it was cute seeing all the kids dancing together(in a group not couples thank GOD!! So not ready for that but in groups.. Emily did great!! She's a little un-coordinated but all in all did really well. I was really proud seeing her trying all the line dances and such. :) She was the best twirler out there.. it's funny she had trouble with the kicking but the twirls were top Anyway... decided to just order a pizza for dinner & It's here so I need to get done writing for now.. have a great weekend everyone! :)

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