Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter blessings..

Emily is so excited for Easter tomorrow.. I'm glad at 11 she STILL is EXCITED over all the little things that Easter brings.. I'm sure some day she'll out grow them.. that'll be hard on me, but I know that day will come at some time.  She's growing so much and I'm having a hard time with that at times.  I look at her & know it but it's hard to know it.. you know?? She's 11, and all that, that comes with it.  BUT today like I said I'm happy she's still so excited of the idea of getting her Easter basket & doing her little Easter egg hunt to find it.. it's a tradition. I asked her, " Are you too old for it?"  Privately hoping what the answer would be.. Luckily for me, she said, "NO WAY Mom.. I still want to"  I'll probably put a little more coins in the eggs instead of the little cheap plastic toys I could get away with when she was younger, but I don't care about that.  It brings me joy to know she's still happy to partake in these fun little Easter traditions.. and even when i know in my heart it's happening, she's growing up.. I realize that while it's happening.. it hasn't HAPPENED! :) She'll always be my baby.. no matter her age & that is just that. I know it, and I make sure she knows it too. I love her always & forever-- and know that I'll love & appreciate every age she is, but ends of things are always bittersweet. :)Well, anyway,  we have a fun day planned tomorrow, we are going over my cousin Ursula's house, who is making A GREAT BIG dinner for lots of family & friends... so happy to be included in & surrounded by her & our families.  The only thing that could make it any better is if Brian was home.. he's been a way on business-- I'm missing him so much, as is Emily ofcourse.. this is the first Easter we won't be all together. :( My heart is sad over that... but am really looking forward to when he'll be home.. i guess absence really does make the heart grow. I of course never doubted my love for him but it sure is a reminder when you miss someone so much! Happy Easter to you all!! May your day be filled with love & blessed beyond belief. xoxo

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