Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Years of walking for babies.. GO TEAM EMILY!

Well we are getting close to our March of Dimes walk, it's on April 29th this year & it's EXTRA SPECIAL cause it's our 10th Anniversary walk!  We've walked in every walk for the last ten years! YAY!  We've raised as a team $950.00,so far this year,  our original team goal was $1000.00 so we are really close to that.. and we beat our total last year already... i think it's saying something considering the economy is still so fragile.. we have some great friends & family... our family is lucky! We still have over a week to try and get even more donations!! I have a good feeling.. we are going to blow up our GOAL! :) WOO HOO!! Ofcourse I'll include a link so that if you want to help us, you can!! thank you everyone who donated or plans to..YOU ARE AWESOME!

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