Thursday, March 29, 2012

What not to forget to say to a preemie parent..

Was thinking about something just now and decided to write a quick little post on it.  The walk for March of Dimes is coming up, it always gets me thinking, remembering our 6 month journey in the hospital with Emily when she was a baby.  When you have a premature baby.. no one says congratulations to you.  Like "Congratulations--she's beautiful"  Instead they say things like, "So what are the doctors saying?" "Oh my god, she's so tiny?" "how is she doing?" with pity in their eyes. I get it, i understand that but I remember one nurse we had, her name was Colleen, it was early on but she wasn't one of our regular nurses, anyway she had Emily for the first time and Emily was still really sick at the time, still tiny as ever, I remember the first thing she said to me after saying, "I'm Colleen-- I'll be taking care of Emily today" she said, "Congratulations on your baby--she's beautiful" her saying it to me was eye opening,,, I was like "WOW, THANK YOU!!!!" I didn't realize how much I needed to hear it!!! She was my baby girl & she was beautiful & I was happy she was here. We were HAPPY along with all the other feelings and stresses we were having since Emily's birth. Anyway,  It meant a lot to me and  I'm sharing this so if someone you know has a preemie or a micro-preemie, you might remember to say it---- it might be just want they need to hear, it was for me anyway.  :)

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