Sunday, March 11, 2012

New found needs...

Having a great weekend with the family... just a quiet weekend.. it's amazing how mellow I'm becoming. I mean don't get me wrong I've never been much of a crazy women, Well except there were those three months in 1997 when I rented that shore house w/ my 2 crazy friends, and we had a great time don't get me wrong-- I'll just call them my sowing oats months! But other than that I've always been a fairly mild person but I have always NEEDED to be doing something! Usually it was shopping which led to debt and wasn't productive in the least. I'm learning that I DON'T need to do anything-- and I'm finally learning to like it, I think Emily has taught me that, I've learned so much from my only child. The need for material things is just not as important to me as it once was.. I am happy with the clothes I have.. and thankful for having them. I am happy with the home I have and happy to have one. I think my whole philosophy about life has really evolved and changed over many years. I'm not perfect by any means but I can definitely see my self growing & it does make me proud.Now that is not to say I don't look around my house at times and think.. ugh so much needs to be done around here, but it's gonna take baby steps to get there... for instance a few tiles are missing in our bathroom-- we need to replace that tile, but I've gotten used to looking at it. So until we have the $, it's gonna have to be that way. The same with the outside siding.. I try not to think about the fact we still have that old (not healthy for you) siding on our house, which I KNOW needs to be changed... or the windows that are ancient.. Our goal is too try really hard to find the cash someday to do those things but we don't want to acquire any more debt, and we are trying hard to get rid of some of the debt we already have.. it is a tedious process, but we are determined. Now a big stress that is looming in the ever nearing future is Emily's college education.. ugh! That is why it is so important we get out of this debt NOW!!! I pray that she continues on the academic level she is now and she can get some scholarships and grants to help pay for it.. BUT either way I am determined that my only child ATTEND college an option that was NEVER encouraged in my own house growing up... that is one thing that is no matter what we will all figure out a way to make happen. Emily although she is only 11 will have the OPTION to go to college by any means available, she wants to go and we want her to go. She will attend. :) I think that lies heavy on me and is perhaps a major reason for my new found "frugal-ness" I'll sacrifice my wants for my daughter every time, and I know my husband feels alot of the same things!! :) Anyway..this post wasn't really what I thought it would be, but that's alot like life.. sometimes it changes on you.. and usually you learn something from it. :) Happy Sunday!

BTW... if you feel the want to help us in our desire to send Emily to college.. why not buy my husband's book.. it couldn't hurt.. lol!



Lady Bren said...

Our girls have the same name. Struggling with college tuition right now for her and she's a sophomore. The prices have gone up almost 20% in the 2 years :(
Thanks for your comment on my blog I love true discussion :)

Manic Missy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. :) I really did enjoy your blog & will visit again. In all honesty, perhaps knowing that I've been that "Mother" before hit a cord-haha (I draw the line at potty pictures.. i'm not that crazy-although i do think i wrote a post about it, so maybe I am-lol) & different opinions really do make the world go round! Good luck w. the tuition! I have a ways to go before that and I'm already stressing... :)