Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RIP Trayvor

I've been avoiding the news lately for my own good.. don't know much about anything newsworthy to be honest. SO I haven't really wanted to speak out on the case in Florida of Trayvor Martin, however I don't want my silence to come off the wrong way-for me I try not to make an opinion on things I'm not completely informed on BUT I thought I would share with you what I'm feeling about the case from what it is I do know of it. What I know about the Trayvor Martin case is that it is a tragedy & seems like something that should definitely be investigated fully to find out how this ever happened,...personally, i don't think anyone should carry a gun! I'm not a fan of firearms, simply for the fact it's too easy for something to go wrong... I don't agree with vigilantism either. I also know, I don't really know the person accused of it either, or if the awful thing he did eats at him night and day. I try not to judge anyone, however EVEN if he is remorseful, he still should be punished for his actions but nothing will bring back the life of a 17 yo boy who anyway you look at it shouldn't have died. It's so sad....why would that man ever believe that was the thing to do... shoot an un-armed boy, why why why.. & he was only 17! Just a kid starting out his life.. makes me so sad! We as a society sometimes want to jump to conclusions on things that anger us sooo much, & i hope that this doesn't seem like a call for more violence from others wanting revenge for Trayvor's death, because that will do no one any good. Honestly the part I don't know is if race had anything to do with it, perhaps it did, but since no one can get inside George Zimmerman's head to find out, unless evidence comes out showing us definitely he was, no one may ever know so I'm not commenting too much on that aspect since I don't know nor think anyone will ever really know. I hope that some good comes out of it, and perhaps the next person who decides to take the law into their own hands, although for the life of me I can't imagine what Trayvor even did that George Zimmerman thought was "suspicious" what?? Walking.. but that's another thing.. I wasn't there.. I don't know the situation but I've heard that is what he told the dispatcher..he seems suspicious.. WHY??? hmmmm.. does make one wonder, But anyway my point was I hope that the next person in a similar situation decides to JUST make a call to the police & STAYS in his home. The thing that I keep thinking is that George Zimmerman SHOULD NEVER have been outside with a gun if for no other reason than we as humans in the heat of the moment, filled with adrenalin, perhaps fear, probably wouldn't make the right choice and in this case it caused a boy his life.. and the person who did it should be punished for that- no matter if he wishes so much he could take it back, he can't...so he needs to be held accountable for it in some way-- he needs to have his day in court and stand accountable for what happened. But there is a lesson here, many perhaps but the one I keep thinking about is people need to THINK THINK THINK before they do something that can have such devastating results. My thoughts & prayers go out to Trayvor Martin's family, may he RIP!

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