Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another reward card..

Finally signed up for the staples reward card. You know me.. the month I signed up they had triple rewards for recycled ink cartridges.. since we had 5 cartridges to recycle, and they are normally only $2 but we got $6 for each which means we will get a reward certificate for $30.00, it was the ABSOLUTE perfect time! Not that I'm cheap BUT I do love a bargain! The only catch was we had to spend $50.00 to get the triple amt for each one but it was well worth it considering we needed ink and we knew we would get back $30.00. Anyway... I really think these cards are a great way to save money.. the only thing it takes is a little bit of planning.. apparently Staples does these double and triple ink cartridge deals a few times a year so we hold onto all we use until then and take advantage of the EXTRA bit of moolah! :)YAY! Ink Cartridges were always one of those annoying purchases cause you NEED them and there aren't usually coupons for them so the best you can do is wait for them to go on some kind of sale.. my aunt Barbara has been on the staples reward program for a while and so I'm happy I finally took her advice and joined! Feel stupid I didn't do it earlier but oh well....This really makes me happy cause I'm still trying* not to buy things that aren't on sale or without a coupon (*when at all possible). Anyway just thought I'd share with you this great program! Take Care!:) Good Night!

PS... RIP Whitney Houston.. whatever the reason for her untimely death, it's still a tragic lost when she was only 48.. sometimes peoples demons get the best of them.. obviously I'm speculating as no one knows the cause of death, no matter still sad for her family especially her daughter and she's a Jersey Girl so that makes her special in my book. :) God Bless.

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