Thursday, October 4, 2012

A facebook exchange.

Last night I put up this on my Facebook: The president is too respectful & kind for his own good.. he needed to be a little more aggressive- plenty of things he could have talked about (during debate)...Hello the 47% comment!! I expect the president to b a lot more aggressive next time- he has plenty of ammo just didn't use it tonight. To which someone commented that this was beat like a dead horse already (i guess the 47% comment..) To which i responded: "This is a man running for president him saying what he said about 47% of people to his richies is very IMPORTANT & telling & will always be. Plus.. lots of people fall into that category needed to hear the president stand up FOR them on a national stage instead of insult them like Romney did." & It got me a little fired up so I wrote this blog Of course I want things better, I think the president is heading us in that direction.. the right way, which unfortunately takes time, I'm seeing progress being made by our president, but it's not easy to un-do that which has been so long overdo.. i think we MUST implement green technologies & concentrate HIGHLY on education, things that I think Mitt might not focus on as much as he should.. our country & large portions of the world quite frankly have been headed in the wrong direction for some time (*decades)One way to see this is the superior education some other countries give their children, issues like this matter so much for the future of our country. The economy is a sore spot people are struggling BUT people REALLY started struggling AFTER Bush was in office for 8 years. OFCOURSE, I want the economy better too, BUT I do think, it's taught me some important lessons about patience & necessity, for instance instead of buying new furniture I buy new covers for them, we aren't spending money like we use to, we are being more careful, budgeting better, & quite frankly will be in a better position when the economy turns around, as I'm confident it will do in time, cause it isn't an easy fix. People want fast turn around, I understand, I want it too but i'm trying to be rational & it's unreasonable to expect a quick turn around when its been years/decades of heading in the wrong direction. I also look at each candidates individual character & I see so much good in Barack Obama, fighting for all citizens & the 47% comment, along with other things is not a good indication of the character of Mitt Romney, I'm sure he's done good in his lifetime & I'm sure he did some good in MA but that is because he was a seemingly different politician back then. More moderate he now seems very conservative to me. Which is fine for some but not for me, my values don't allign with that, that's why I care so much about Barack Obama getting re-elected. If it comes off as personal attacks on Romney supporters it isn't, it's just me fighting for the man I believe to be the better choice to run our country.. he's kept us safe, killed Osama Bin Laden, prevented us from going into another great depression, implemented LONG OVERDUE equal rights for our Military men & women, & i could go on & on. The point I was making is it wasn't the presidents best debate BUT I think it's going to fuel him & hopefully he'll do better next time:)

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