Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm pissed off--- & I don't care what u think! My Facebook post today!

I'm so disgusted by the video of Romney & his comments over 47% of people.. When I worked part time & made less than $10,000 I didn't have any federal taxes taken out... I am NOT a victim, I am NOT not being personally responsible.. I didn't make enough to have it taken out BUT I did pay federal taxes, soc security, medicare, etc, various people haven't paid federal income taxes in years cause they don't make enough, are the ELDERLY, are disabled, or some other circumstance... in fact the 10 states with the most NON-paying federal income tax citizens are RED states-----his potential voters... How he decided that Barack OBAMA's 47% were the ones not paying taxes is beyond me- but it does sound better for him. His statement is down right ridiculous,OFFENSIVE---- he will NOT worry about these people, the people whom he's trying to be THEIR president.. It's despicable. I realize that he was catering his words to $50,000 table donors but that only makes it worse in that he will say anything to anyone to get their vote no matter who's toes he has to step on... how anyone can still support this man is beyond me, If you want to un-friend me because of this.. have at it. Thank you for reading. I hope that you can understand that my anger is directed at this un-caring statement of someone who is wanting to become president & as a mother & citizen I take that VERY serious. Good day. :)

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