Monday, November 24, 2008

Emily's 8!!! --- OH MY!!!!

My beautiful, smarty patootie, sweet girl turned 8 yesterday! I can't believe it! Every year she gets a little older, a whole lot smarter and just turns more into a terrific kid! MY KID! Wow, I'm lucky! She had a birthday party, mostly family and a few close friends... OH MY Goodness we NEED A BIGGER HOUSE!! It's so frustrating having a party at my house, because there is NOT enough room! But all in all it was a very nice time and Emily seemed to have fun. We didn't get to play too many party games because well there just wasn't room but the kids (big and small) played "hot Potato" which is an all time favorite. And later she played ROCK BAND and she has a new favorite song, "EYE OF THE TIGER" which she sang for the first time yesterday and rocked it! I wanted ofcourse to get video and I didn't, which is a regret but we did take some pictures. I really can't believe she is 8, where has the time gone, I mean really where? I guess all parents feel this way, but I think it went even faster for me! :) This last year, Emily has grown up so much and accomplished so much!! It's truly amazing but then everything about Emily has always been. I'm a proud Mama everyday! I'm lucky and blessed to have such a great kid! So, Happy Birthday MY SWEET girl! Mommy (and Daddy) LOVE YOU SO MUCH and no matter how old you get I'll still get to call you my baby---- Right? You promised!

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