Monday, November 3, 2008

A sign, a Loss and a Blessing....

SAD NEWS.... Barack Obama's grandma TOOT died today. One day shy of Election day. Just really sad, so many were hoping that she could have hanged on.. just one more day. I think that things happen for a reason. I honestly do, My Mom died just a few days before we brought Emily home to us. Comfort is brought in the most mysterious way. I think Toot will help Barack. I think as sad as it is, I think it is a sign for Barack. I really do. I feel alot of sympathy for Barack, because I too do not have a single one of my parents, grand or otherwise. I've lost them all as well. So I just can really understand his sadness. I was also involved in a life altering circumstance during a very difficult moment, as Barack Obama is now, and you just have to keep going, for me it was knowing I had Emily to take care of and for Barack it is finishing this election. I hope he is comforted some how in knowing he will change this world for the better and that TOOT will be watching it all.

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