Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So what else is happening in my life......

Hello, My life really doesn't REVOLVE around POLITICS even though that is ALL I seem to blog about lately. SO, I feel like I need to blog a little on the home front for a bit. Emily is doing so good in school. We were called by her principal to let us know that Emily has been chosen to receive an award, a STAR STUDENT award, only 2 kids will be honored with it. She's one of them. SO PROUD!!! The award is for outstanding achievement, attitude and effort. She gets her picture taken with the principal and it will be on the school TV channel and she is presented with a certificate during a Board of Education meeting on Oct 20th. We are so excited and proud of her. She is really excited that she will be on TV!!! She's a star at 7!! What are we talking about, she's been a star her whole life! I know-- I know.. I'm her Mom. But, you know it's true!! Also on Friday, Danielle and I took the girls and Joshua to Linville Orchards. It was a really cool farm, with FOOD, Hay rides, face painting, Cool displays and fun activities. Everyone had fun!! Joshua was sooo good, he's not even 2! But he really hanged in there and wasn't even fussy. We were really lucky!! We had a really nice time. The girls were off from school so it was nice, because they haven't really seen much of each other, since school started. It was fun hanging with Danielle, I swear I don't see her that much anymore since I'm working from the outside office. So that was really nice too. Emily came home today with the slightest bit of a sniffle... I hope REALLY hope it doesn't turn into a full on cold..... I SWEAR do they have them wash their hands in school!!! Emily is always getting sick when school starts! SO I'm really keeping my fingers crossed about it! After the rally on Saturday Brian, Emily, Fernando and I (yes the whole family) went to our friends Mark and Stacie's house and had a "gig". (a rock band gig) Yes, we are that dorky. It was fun but by 9 pm I felt like falling asleep! So we are kind of pathetic Rockers... LOL! Then on Sunday Emily and I went to the movies and saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which we had been promising to take Emily to since it came out. She LOVED it. So that was good. It was a pretty busy weekend. But fun!! Emily told me I needed to end this blog with ....................PEACE! :)

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