Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate #3... My thoughts

Alright, after this debate I said, Well it was McCain's best debate, but not good enough! This is before I heard any of the SPIN on it!! I think OBAMA still was the one that ANSWERED the questions the BEST!!! I think that the best line of the debate, was when John McCain said, "I'm NOT President Bush and if you wanted to run against him, you should have ran in 2004" I think it was a good line. But I do think it is just a LINE. Considering his alignment with BUSH on the votes. I think it was a good line and not much else. Barack Obama is a cool collected intelligent person and it always comes across. I think there is NO doubt, who should be president, duh... BARACK OBAMA!!!!!! I think a really good line for Barack Obama was......"Joe, I'll tell you what your fine is..... $0." I think John McCain's FACE.. said it all! AND ALL of John McCain's grimaces, sighs and ridiculous comments came off as dare I say it... Erratic! While Barack Obama was Mr. Cool. I DO think that Barack Obama again WON the HEALTHCARE argument, CLEAR AND PRECISE... REally, with NO POLITICAL thought involved John McCain's healthplan is just NOT AS GOOD!! If people would just vote on that, I think that Barack would win by a landslide!! I think John secured the BASE and perhaps some right/ leaning Independents but NOT ENOUGH of the rest of them to change too much. Atleast I hope. I am encouraged by some of the EARLY polling I'm now hearing about. I am feeling HOPEFUL and quite frankly, It scares the shit out of me, because I've been really disappointed in the previous elections I've voted in! But I have to HOPE!!! ThErEFORE I shall--- GO OBAMA!!!

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