Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something Remarkable today..

We did something incredible today, We went to a Barack Obama Rally in Philadelphia! He held 4 of them today throughout the city, we went to the one in Germantown and we stood in a massive line for over two hours and it was awesome! The weather was perfect, the people inspiring, the feeling powerful. We met so many awesome people who like us have been inspired to join this wonderful man and help get him elected to be our President. Who feel the passion we feel for him. Who understand why we want and need him to be our president. I left feeling like, WOW... this is what America should be. People of all races together and talking to one another about feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. There wasn't any violent or negative outburst. IT made me know absolutely 100% sure of my decision. Not that I wasn't already sure but it reaffirmed it for me. I wonder how many John McCain supporters feel what I felt today? Last night when I watched that video of the behind the scenes of the DNC (see yesterday's post) I just wanted to share it with everyone. For them to see what a kind, loving man Barack Obama is. Please watch it, Please think about really does this seem like the man that is being portrayed by the McCain campaign. IT made me cry, especially the part where Barack was watching Michelle give her speech, spinning the ring on his finger, and smiling proudly when she talked about their daughter. Knowing that pride for Emily and the love I feel for her and Brian, and that it was no different. Realizing once again we are all the same. There is NO difference between african americans, whites and latinos. We are the same. Feeling a little sorry for people who are so blind to it, and knowing that some people will never change and will never know what it is like to feel how I did today.

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