Saturday, October 18, 2008

1 PISSED citizen!

I can't believe the AUDACITY of the RNC in claiming that Barack Obama is ANTI-AMERICAN, its not only NOT TRUE but it's just fucking wrong....HE IS NOT FRIENDS WITH BILL AYERS!!!!Barack has NOT been ASSOCIATING with terrorist, he was on a commitee that was lead by a REPUBLICAN about EDUCATION!! It's such an OUTRAGEOUS claim!! It ANGERS me so much!! Because they make up this shit to sway, dare I say it... Stupid people.. who beleive anything and everything, who have racist views, who are fucking too dumb to know what is being said is not infact---- FACT, you know like those people at Sarah Palin's rallies who bring monkey dolls, who scream Kill Him, who scream Terrorist, who make up FOOD STAMP bills with Barack Obama's face on it and Watermelon, fried chicken, kool-aid and then say, "oh no, I wasn't being a racist"-- those people are ANTI AMERICAN and you know what else is anti-american, calling someone an arab when they are an american, calling someone a terrorist (without FUCKING proof),belittleing the "HEALTH" of women, saying someone SCARES you because he is lets just say it because someone is black, having someone say who is PRO-AMERICAN and who isn't(which is ALOT worse in my opinion they saying people cling to their religion or guns and later apologizing for it)!!! WE ARE SOOOO MUCH BETTER then this as AMERICANS!!!! What about healthcare, taxes, deficits, wars, real leadership, equality, being innocent UNTIL proven guilty, respect, honor, EDUCATION, I haven't heard one ounce of anything of substance from the Republicans in this campaign in a very LOOOONNNNGGG time. I have to assume that there are many republicans who are down right embarrassed about the way their party is acting right about now! I know some republicans and I can't imagine them as being proud about the way ALOT of people in their party are behaving!! John McCain is on his way to not being a man of any honor any longer. He is a hypocrite, he decried these ROBO CALLs when they used these same tactics on him, back in 2000, but worse then that he is trying to turn the clock back on how far we have come, when you are asked a question about people at your rallies saying dispicable things and you stick up for them, there is something WRONG with your ethics and morals, to not atleast say MOST of the people at my rallies!! He said he was going to run a clean campaign, HE LIED....this is the WORST run campaign in history, it is the UGliest, nastiest, meaniest, he is desperate and allowing anything to be said about his opponent that will possibly get the dumb people off their couches and into the booths on election day. Breathe.. Missy.. Breathe..... I want to say something. I'm not even sure I should have wrote this blog, I wrote it with my emotions in full swing, and I thought about just backspacing and erasing it all--- and I decided against it, becuase this is really truly how I feel, angry and upset over the way John McCain and the RNC are behaving right now. SO I will leave it like it is, and hope that those that read it see the depth of my concern over this ugliness that John McCain is allowing to happen. Oh, how far you have fallen John McCain--- oh how far!!

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