Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hope Floats.... Hopefully!

Well today I'm Babysitting Joshua, he's taking his nap.. so I need to try and keep things quiet so I've decided to write a while. Isn't a sleeping baby just about the sweetest thing.. So you'll forgive me if I'm feeling a little sentimental today. The other day, I watched this video of Barack Obama holding babies on the campaign trail--- it was cute and a tad cheesy but it really touched my heart, thinking about the kind of person I FEEL that Barack Obama is and feeling very proud that perhaps I'll get to call this man, my president. I've never felt a connection to a presidential candidate like the one I feel for Barack, perhaps it's knowing that he lost his mother when she was only 53, and my Mother died at 51, both from Ovarian Cancer. Perhaps it's just a feeling I get from him, a belief in his words, a hope of the meaning of his presidency, the barriers it breaks, the power of it, and mostly just the hope of a change in the right direction for all Americans. I've never DONATED to a campaign before, I've certainly never went to a candidate's rally--- Until this election!! I didn't think I was THAT person. But this time I feel so much! I want so much for it to all be different. I WANT to feel proud of my President, to admire a president the way our parents admired John Kennedy. I see the hope in the horizon... the hope for real change... for the environment, for peace, for our economy, but mostly I feel HOPE for Emily's FUTURE, and I guess for all our kids. I feel HOPE and I want so much to know that we can truly change our future for the better, YES WE CAN...., just a few more weeks and we will know if Hope, will have a chance to become REAL possibility to create SUCCESS for our earth, our soldiers, our kids, ourselves, our AMERICA!!

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