Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Has any of this penetrated your brain?

Hi, HELLO, How ARE you? I had a really nasty cold for the last several days. It was a doozy! I didn't even know the day the bail out didn't happen or that the stock market had a 700 point drop until Brian told me that night and I was so sick I didn't much care at the moment. But I'M BACK and fiestier then ever!!! Okay so here's my thoughts... About the Bail out--- It sucks, but I think we need to do something... because WTF-- if we don't, it could get so much worse. I think that it's scary ofcourse, but so is doing NOTHING.. So I guess we should! I'll admit to not understanding it all, but it's not like we are paying them off we are investing in their stocks and hoping that we can later sell them and atleast break even, if the market should recover. (Atleast that's my understanding!!) SO hopefully we won't LOSE all that money? And we don't have much choice. I guess. It all sucks and there's NO good way out of it! The better ?--- is how did we get here and how can we stop it so it never happens again!! For me, it's voting for REAL change, Voting for Barack OBama and Joe Biden!!! I had to laugh when I caught a little of the VIEW from today... Elisabeth is such a JOKE. She has the right to believe whatever she wants to beleive but she can't even back up what she is saying. I will give her this, she shows up. She tries. But my God, she was asked to explain why Sarah Palin is qualified to be President. AND SHE couldn't immediately think of something to EVEN Say then she goes and says, "WELL WHY IS BARACK OBAMA QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT?" After a few minutes she said 3 (PATHETIC) reasons why she thought she was qualified. But you know I was thinking about it, I know why I think Barack is WAY MORE EXPERIENCED then Sarah Palin. I've listed them here on this blog so many times, I'm sick of typing them. But I will remind any one who reads this blog (PLEASE SEND ME A COMMENT-- SO I ATLEAST know SOMEONE READS MY BLOG--WOULDCHA?) , but anyway, I will remind you that back in MAY-- BEFORE PALIN I said and still beleive in this.... "Intelligence trumps Experience anyday!!!" SO for me it's so clear I NOT ONLY think that Barack Obama has the experience to lead but he definately has the Intelligence to lead." Can you honestly say that god forbid something happened to John, you can see Sarah Palin leading us? So for me it's just that. I really think that Barack OBama is just a smart guy, a really smart guy-- He TAUGHT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, While Sarah was I don't know... fishing? I know that was a dig (what can I say, I've been watching Sarah too much) Barack Obama will be able to help us Re-establish STRONG relationships with the other NATIONS in the world. If so many of us( here in the USA) see McCain/Palin connected so closely with Pres. Bush or just old school policies that haven't worked-- don't you think other nations do too? I, unlike so many out there DO NOT Believe that we are the only country that MATTERS... WE are but one country, It's my home so ofcourse I think it's the best, but we are NOT living on this PLANET alone. We can't FIGHT Global WARMING ALONE... We can't CLEAN up our country and think that's enough to save our planet!! Get real! We can't TRY and STAY in a country and SHOVE OUR DEMOCRACY down there throats, at some point we need to cut the cord! YES, I'M REFERRING TO THE QUOTE ABOUT A HUNDRED YEARS!! We need ALLIES in the world, who have our back! It's always better to be fighting with back up, then to be fighting alone!! And also we can't keep spending money on a war in one country, when we need it for our own or a different allied country in the future and we have nothing left. And I'm positive this BAILOUT isn't making the USA look any good, and when did it happen? again on George Bush's watch! So for all these reasons and so many more Barack Obama will strengthen our GLOBAL view---It's not just me saying this, I mean hell who am I-- , but there are global polls that say the same. The majority of those polled from other countries think that Barack Obama will be the right choice to strengthen our Global ties!!! LOOK IT UP!! I'm NOT making this shit up!! I can't understand it? I can't see how people can't see which of the two tickets is MORE EXPERIENCED and MORE INTELLIGENT and MORE STRONG!! PLEASE VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA and JOE BIDEN..... And to my dear neice Heather, REGISTER to vote!!! and to my dear neice's Boyfriend STEVEN--- I'm PROUD of you for REGISTERING to VOTE!!! And for your right minded thinking to vote for Barack Obama/Joe Biden.. NOW spread the word to your friends!! What can I say, I'm obsessed!! OH YEAH, ONE MORE THING... I can't WAIT TO WATCH The VP Debate! I wonder how Mrs. Palin's cram study-session went... we shall see! OH AND I'VE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!! MY daughter GOT STUDENT OF THE MONTH!!! Now SHE is one smart COOKIE!! MOMMY is soooo PROUD OF you EMILY!! I can just hear Emily saying, "Now Mommy-- Don't be tooo PROUD"

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