Wednesday, October 8, 2008

debate #2.. My thoughts

So Okay last night's debate... Well I think that neither one of them HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK.. But I think because John needed to decisively win and he didn't-- I think he was the LOSER of the debate. I will say this, I don't think John McCain went too UGLY and I do respect that. ALthough, I think IF he is going to Smear Barack, I think he ought to do it to his face. I mean if he can do it behind his back in front of all his own supporters, have the balls to do it to Barack's face. I think it is telling, that NO ONE asked about Bill Ayers as well, because WE as American's don't care about it. WE WANT HELP!! So stop the SMEARS Senator McCain, just stop them.. Because not only isn't it ethical, it also isn't helping you. I also think that there will be PLENTY of mud to sling back at John about his connections!! INVESTIGATE THEM!! How about that? SO anyway, I think that a highlight of the night for Barack Obama is when he talked about John accusing him in the last debate about NOT UNDERSTANDING and Barack said He's right I don't understand, I don't understand why we are in a War with Iraq when bin Laden is still out there! I thought that was brilliant!!!I thought a highlight for John McCain was when he went and talked to the Soldier in the audience, I think it really appeared genuine. I also liked when Barack Obama voiced he HAD to respond to John's whole false claims on his taxes. I thought it showed that he really WANTED the People to understand his plan. I liked that. I also think it was Barack's best explanation of both his taxes and his healthcare program. SO that was all good. I was touched that Barack showed some of his heart, when he talked about his mother and when she was dying of cancer and STILL fighting the insurance co. I think it showed something about his character and showed me why he does care about actually making GOOD healthcare available to everyone. Because it affected his OWN family.

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